Publisher Bruce Trogdon

Welcome to the first issue of the all new Daily Post newspaper! It has been quietly in production for quite a long time, whenever we had time to work on it when not busy producing the weekly. The launch had been planned for the end of May, but the coronavirus apparently had its own ideas!

Stay-at-home orders in Ohio exempted media, but then we learned that a similar but tougher law in Pennsylvania did not. That is where we have long been printed, inserted, prepared for mailing and shipped by semi-truck back to Ohio. It is then re-loaded onto smaller trucks for delivery to 16 different local post offices.

We first considered suspending printing like many other weekly newspapers have done. By late Monday, we held an emergency meeting. My son and Publisher Michael Trogdon and our senior staff all agreed. In the 45 years since my wife and I started this newspaper in 1975, we had never missed an issue. None of us wanted to do that now, either.

We had advertisers to consider as well, most of which already had their ads made up. Many started calling to cancel for obvious reasons. Others just did not know what to say in their ads because the situation was changing so fast. It was very murky as to who would be allowed to be open or not. As a free newspaper, our only revenue is advertising so we were in the same predicament.

Since we couldn’t print, the decision was made to rush our new E format by today so that we could proudly say that we still have never missed an issue, even if the new format wasn’t totally ready. The challenge would be if we could get that much work done by the weekend. I am so proud of my core staff that volunteered to work incredible hours with me this week to see this through. It was an incredible achievement that I will never forget and I just can’t say enough about how proud I am of them.

The new Daily Post will be state-of-the-art. It is being built specifically for ease of use on your phone, not a hard-to-read replica of our print. We want it to still be a newspaper, not just another website. We feel that even this first edition achieves that. Many more enhancements will soon be rolled out, including a new app which will be finished in about one month.

The Daily Post was planned as a complement to The Post weekly printed paper, giving us the ability to offer all of our readers the best of both worlds. We are very proud to announce that we have partnered with Associated Press and many other syndicates to be able to offer all the news that other daily newspapers do. In addition to local news, we will now also have state, U.S. and world news. Plus, for the first time, we will offer complete coverage of pro and college sports of interest to people from northeast Ohio. This includes the Browns, Indians, Cavs, Blue Jackets and their local minor league affiliates and, of course, the Buckeyes!

Even before today’s E launch, over 40 percent of our readers already prefer to read our E version to print. But many are still print people, including me! As soon as conditions allow, we will bring back the printed newspaper as well, not to replace the E but to enhance it. Readers will still get both for free.

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A new day for The Post. Good luck!

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