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BRUNSWICK- As part of the update of the city’s comprehensive plan, Envision, the firm hired by the city to update the city’s comprehensive plan, is looking for resident input on how to improve the city over the 10 years.

Business News

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NORTH ROYALTON -- Amici means 'friends' in Italian and is a fitting title for Amici Italian Restaurant and Lounge, founded by friends Dino Zullo and Mark Costello, along with Zullo's brother Frank and nephew Chef Michael Zdravecky.

Street Talk

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BRUNSWICK - What's the hardest rule your parents make/made you follow?


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Hinckley's John Horne thinks we need to "Face reality and stop school shootings now."

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Is technology getting too "smart" for our own good? That is my column topic and the subject of The Post's online weekly poll this week. Before we go there, I would like to thank the nearly-2,000 readers who took the time to participate in our poll last week about arming teachers.