BRUNSWICK – The Brunswick Division of Police is looking to make traffic stops and other calls officers respond to safer in the coming months with plans to incorporate body cameras, along with additional vehicle camera systems into its arsenal.

Until now, Brunswick Police Chief Brian Ohlin said only part of the department’s fleet of cruisers has been equipped with video cameras. As part of the new plan, he said, the department plans to integrate the body cameras with the vehicle cameras so they work in tandem.

When that happens, Ohlin said, the video cameras in the cruisers will begin recording once the lights and sirens are activated, which will prompt the body cameras to turn on automatically.

To help pay for the equipment, Ohlin said the department has applied for a $100,000 50-50 grant from the National Institute of Justice. If the department is approved for the award, the grant will supply $50,000 toward the purchase of the cameras while the city will be required to match the grant with the remaining $50,000.

The department will learn whether the grant is approved – which would pay for the cameras, installation, servers, software and more – by Oct. 1.

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