MEDINA – County Commissioners approved their 2020 tax budget, which projects annual revenue of $44.5 million in the general fund next year and expenditures of approximately $44 million.

The tax budget is a requirement of the Ohio Revised Code and is intended to help assure anticipated tax revenue is sufficient to cover general fund and bond debt payments due the following year. It also sets some real estate tax rates and is done each summer in advance of the annual appropriations resolution made early in the calendar year with more detailed spending calculations.

County Administrator Scott Miller said the main purpose of the 2020 tax budget is to establish the amount of property taxes available to cover $979,000 in bond payments, which the county must make next year to cover debt payments. The 2020 budget assigns 1.8 mills of the county’s total real estate tax millage to debt payments next year.

The tax budget also indicates that actual spending for general operating expense by Medina County government was $41.5 million in 2018 and is expected to be about $42.7 million this year. It was $39 million in 2017.

The tax budget balances the expected growth in spending with a projected increase in revenue. Along with a carryover balance projected at $5.9 million, next year’s total receipts and balance is estimated at $50.4 million to pay for day-to-day expenses at the various county agencies and departments next year.

Sales taxes are the county’s biggest source of revenue and along with other permissive taxes are projected to total about $15.4 million in 2020. That number is about $700,000 more than this year’s projected sales tax revenue and about $1.1 million more than actual revenue reported in 2018.

Property taxes are the next biggest source of operating revenue for Medina County government and are projected at $13.2 million next year. That’s about $1.2 million more than the county collected in real estate taxes in 2018 and projected to collect this year. Miller said the expected increase in real estate tax revenue is the result of the reappraisal of property values conducted by the county auditor this year.

Following is a list of county government revenue projections from various sources in 2020:

• Property taxes – $13,200,000

• Sales and other permissive taxes – $15,400,000

• Local government funds – $1,600,000

• Fees and fines – $5,100,000

• Sales and services – $767,000

• Refunds – $2,700,000

• Other (including casino tax) – $5,700,000

Operations at the Sheriff’s Department, including the county jail, should continue to be the biggest expense for the county next year. The 2020 sheriff’s budget is projected to be $11 million and up from $10.5 million anticipated this year.

The common pleas, domestic relations and juvenile courts also account for a big chunk of county expenses. They are expected to cost about $6.8 million in 2020.

Following are some of the major county expenditures projected in 2019:

• County commissioners – $873,000

• Auditor – $759,000

• Treasurer – $475,000

• Prosecutor – $1,490,000

• Common Pleas Court – $2,330,000

• Domestic Relations Court – $1,250,000

• Juvenile/Probate Court – $3,300,000

• Clerk of Courts – $670,000

• Board of Elections – $1,670,000

• Sheriff – $10,500,000

• Highways – $400,000

• Health – $600,000

• Recorder – $308,000

• Child Welfare Board – $1,150,000

• Pensions/insurance – $8,500,000.

The tax budget also estimates the value of all property in Medina County at $5.7 billion in 2020. The county collects 2.5 mills on that value which represents $13.2 million for the general fund and $1 million for bond retirement.

The county also collects $935,000 from an 0.2-mill levy to operate the County Home, $17.9 million from 4.02 mills for the Achievement Center and Board of Developmental Disabilities, and $1.6 million from an 0.35-mill levy to fund the Medina County Drug Abuse Commission.

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