Winking Lizard

Winking Lizard is planning to remodel its Brunswick location to feature the Lizardville whiskey bar concept.

BRUNSWICK – The owners of the Brunswick Winking Lizard restaurant told city officials last month that they have new plans for the restaurant’s banquet room.

John Lane, Winking Lizard co-owner and vice president of operations, told the commission those plans call for converting the banquet room into one of the chain’s “Lizardville” locations.

As Lane explained, a number of area Winking Lizard locations already feature the Lizardville whiskey bar concept.

“We already have 600 different beers,” he said. “If this happens, the back bar would be all whiskey.”

As part of the July 11 Planning Commission meeting, Lane said plans call for the bar’s 30-seat banquet area and 36- to 38-seat covered outdoor patio would each have separate entrances and feature more of a relaxed atmosphere than the rest of the restaurant.

As part of the July 11 Planning Commission meeting, members noted detailed site plans for the project, which are expected to be presented Sept. 5 will include photometric plans, public storm sewer connection details, a color rendering of the covered patio and written approval from the shopping plaza owner.

The initial plans for the patio also include an 8-foot-high stained solid wood screening fence, which would require a variance from the city.

If and when the variance is approved, the commission will vote on the project next month.

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