Math team

Several Huntington Elementary School fourth graders participated in the 24 Math Tournament Jan. 22.

BRUNSWICK — How would you like to compete in a math tournament where you only have four numbers to equal a set total?

Most of us would shake our heads ‘no,’ but 16 Huntington Elementary students from Ellen Foster and Tiffany Weinert’s fourth-grade classes were daring enough to go to the Cloverleaf Recreational Center on Jan. 22 to participate in the 24 Math Tournament.

These 16 students were chosen because they scored the highest in the mini-school tournament that was held right before Thanksgiving break.

Playing the game is pretty easy. You have four numbers and you can multiply, divide, add and subtract them as long as you use all the numbers and the result is 24.

“For example, 4, 5, 5, and 6,” says Lilijana Kotar, one of the fourth graders participating. For this card, and many others, there is more than one way to get 24. One way you could solve this is by multiplying four by six to get 24, then subtracting five from five to get zero, and adding zero to 24.

The game is simple and much more enjoyable once you have learned how to play it and have practiced. This goes for the fourth graders as well.

“I think the kids think it’s fun and the more they practice, the more success they are having! It has been challenging, but some are really making strides,” Foster said.

Neha Chelamkuri and Adisyn McClaskey were Huntington’s two semi-finalists in the competition.

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