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The Post redesign continues and, this week, we tweaked it a little more. Our end goal is to have more content, more variety and better graphics. We aim to mix news and graphics into a “news magazine” style. The evolution will continue in upcoming weeks.

We are tinkering with adjustments to our complex plate-changing scheme that allows us to make different editions for every town. This will take a while. Please pardon our dust as we work on a more efficient and economical system for us to target-localize every edition.

On our front page this week in Strongsville, for instance, we have a nice picture of Strongsville softball player Kirsten Eppele, whom was just named GCSC High School Female Athlete of the Year. This great accomplishment might be of interest to neighboring Brunswick, whose own front page is about a possible new highway interchange at Boston Road. That affects people from multiple towns. We will soon bring back an area news section that we used to offer back in the ‘70s called “Around The Valley.”

Also on the horizon is expanding our website. This will allow us more space and flexibility in the printed paper for such new features like our larger Opinion section. The Opinion rebuild continues this week, mixing in new editorial cartoons. Sometimes, a picture says a thousand words.

We will always give good local guest columns priority. That is harder because their writers are not usually journalists. We allow a lot of leeway, but writers need to keep in mind not to get too personal or hateful. That’s both a no-no and boring. This week’s local guest column is from Jim Nice of Hinckley. He does not have much “nice” (sorry about the pun, Jim, I couldn’t resist) to say about the Democrats, calling them the LPS – (L)iberal (P)rogressive (S)ocialist party.

Trump’s impeachment trial and the Iowa Caucuses are the subjects of focus this week. Also considered were the coronavirus and Kobe Bryant’s death. We will likely discuss the virus subject down the road as more is learned. I don’t feel we could add much to the terribly sad Kobe story that wasn’t already said.

Two cartoons were picked that best set up this week’s poll question (Democrat-leaning readers will likely enjoy them more than last week): “Does the John Bolton revelation change your opinion on witnesses for the Trump impeachment trial?” Last week, before the Bolton book leak, our readers voted 57 percent against more witnesses, which roughly reflects their ideological ratio.

The first cartoon is a clever one by Steve Sak of The Minneapolis Star-Tribune entitled Bolton Goes Viral. It links the coronavirus with GOP senators wearing “virus masks.” The second is “Bolton’s Book” by David Fitzsimmons of the Tucson Arizona Star.

I penned my opinion long ago that the Republicans were being stupid to defend Trump, using the “no quid pro quo” argument. My gut tells me that Trump and Biden probably both used Ukraine politics for their personal advantage.

On the next page, we have two guest column/cartoon combos. “Impeachment trial is a civics lesson” by John Micek of the Harrisburg Capital-Star shames Republicans for finding the trial boring. “Iowa’s stubbornness” is about the upcoming caucuses and is by a columnist I wanted to introduce – Peter Funt. Peter has continued the Funt family comedy tradition, helping produce his father Alan Funt’s hit “Candid Camera.” I grew up enjoying that television show.

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