Blessings to trailblazers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Congressman John Lewis and others.

Blessings to movers and shakers of today, William Ford III, created for influence, Beverly Daniel Tatum, assimilation blues (black families in a white community), and Melissa V. Harris-Perry, sister citizen, shaming stereotypes of black women in America, for colored girls who've considered politics when being strong isn't enough.

Kudos, First Lady Michelle Obama on "Becoming." She and Barack are truly representative of African-American history-makers.

There is another family rich in Godly heritage – The Heath Family. We are part of the African-American community of believers of Wadsworth. They raised six children, three grandchildren. They labored long, prayed and shed their own trail of tears. Daddy rests peacefully at Greenlawn Cemetery. The last chapter of our book is still being written. The names will be changed to protect the guilty, no longer a victim, but a victor.

The past 10 years have been spent "recovering my strength." Assimilation to the extreme causes them to lose their true identity, our culture. There is a reason I'm the only black tenant in my housing community of 10 years. There is a reason God sent me to attend "white" churches with "white" pastors. There is a reason why the only black man I see on a regular basis is our mailman.

Yes, there is a reason – I just don't know what it is. By the time the last page of the last chapter is written, God will reveal it to me. That is, if I even really need to know.

A prayer of restoration for the African-American race:

"Dear God, I confess to to you that life has treated me unfairly. I confess my anger over this mistreatment and give it to you. Help me to trust you to provide justice where it is due. Help me to wait upon your turning for that justice, knowing it will happen even if I don't see it. I confess I have looked at the world through a lens of injustice and have missed the blessings you meant for my family and me to experience and take joy in. As I work through my anger, help me to turn over to you the things I cannot control and strengthen me to address the things I can change in my own heart and life. I call on the power of your spirit to transform me and renew my mind. Help me to get rid of all my anger, bitterness and rage, leaving room for the fruit of your spirit to infuse my life, my heart, my soul." – Dr. Gregory L. Jantz, from "Every Woman's Guide to Managing Your Anger."

Sojourner Truth but tall, black and strong ordained: "Ain't I a woman?"

So be it.

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