Publisher Bruce Trogdon

Since this is Fourth of July weekend I thought it would be fun to ask our readers how they like to enjoy the holiday.

The holiday itself celebrates the founding of a grand experiment in democracy. A free nation that was built by the people, for the people. America truly blazed a trail of freedom for the rest of the world to try and emulate.

While watching the fireworks, we should of course remember the importance of the holiday itself. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun too!

My own family is big on traditions and we have some good ones for the whole “Fourth” week.

My wife and I both love music, and I particularly like classical, so for us, no independence celebration is complete without the 1812 overture! We have tried and enjoyed many cool venues over the years with cannons and such, like at the Blossom Amphitheater.

What became our tradition is a classical Fourth concert that is held in Delaware, Ohio on the beautiful campus at Ohio Weslyan University. My youngest daughter graduated from there and my wife’s family are all from that area so it became our extended family tradition. We go early to set up lawn chairs under the big oak tree (shade is usually a must!)

Once there we walk across the street and order a schmorgasboard of Bob Evans, Donatos and Papa Johns pizza. I also admit to having carried in an ice chest full of beer and wine from time to time.

We throw down blankets for the grandkids (we have a lot)! It makes for a relaxing evening of eating, drinking and music. My kind of fun!

On the weekend before the fourth we have been celebrating a mini version just for our immediate family on my horse farm where my kids grew up. We just use a boombox and usually sit around a fire at dark. We call it our “Farmth of July” party!

This year we celebrated at my oldest daughter’s new house last Saturday. It actually fell on June 29 so we laughingly called it the Farmish of Julyish! It is a lot of fun when you have 12 grandkids (soon to be 13 thanks to my publisher son Mike)!

The weekend after the Fourth kicks off a three week holiday for Mike and I as we are both avid bicyclists and love watching the Tour De France. The French, who gave us the Statue of Liberty and from whom America inherited many of our democratic ideals, celebrate their own “Bastille Day” during the 3 week race. Highly recommended!

Sadly this will be our first Tour in quite some time without the commentary of pro cyclist turned broadcaster Paul Sherwen. Sherwen died of heart failure last December at the age of 62. Paul raced in the Tour de France seven times during his racing days and always added interesting insight from the broadcast booth alongside Phil Liggett.

That’s my way of celebrating how about you? Let us know by answering our weekly online poll question “How do you like to celebrate Independence Day?”

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