Publisher Bruce Trogdon

Republicans and President Trump in particular were putting on a brave face Wednesday regarding Tuesday night’s election reversals. Those include the Republican Party losing a governor’s seat in Kentucky, a state Trump won by nearly 30 percentage points in 2016 – despite Trump personally spending time recently trying to pump up Republican Gov. Matt Bevin’s chances. Bevin was a loud and loyal supporter of the president.

Trump stressed that the GOP won other contests in the Bluegrass State: “Based on the Kentucky results, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will win BIG in Kentucky next year!”

Many political analysts think Trump is whistling in a political graveyard. Certainly, Republican candidates struggled in a number of suburbs.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, a former Republican Congressman who is no friend of Trump, declared that “the bleeding in Cincinnati’s suburbs tonight compared to the 2016 election is extraordinary. Trump Republicanism is toxic and is killing the GOP.”

Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt predicted on Tuesday that if the election were held today, Trump would lose big “and it wouldn’t be a very close race.”

Stirewalt is generally pretty knowledgeable. He cautioned that Republicans are sitting on a ton of money to spend next year, while Democrats are forced to spend theirs fighting each other now. “Trump has got a ton of money he’s raising money at a fever clip because he doesn’t just get it from the millionaires and billionaires, he also gets it from his grassroots, popular supporters. Trump has all of this money and they are going to light up whatever Democrat emerges from this process.”

On the other hand, right now, the Democrats’ base is more fired up. A lot can happen in a year, but it is still fun to talk about now! A lot of things people care deeply about, ranging from abortion to gun rights, hang in the balance. Our Post weekly online poll question for the week is: “Will President Trump help or hurt Republicans’ chances across the country for 2020?”

Last week, our poll about the news media’s coverage of the president temporarily had a confusing typo that we fixed and it probably skewed the results a little. Sorry. When we get a chance, we will revisit that issue again.

Also, I wanted to point out the cartoon we are running today to celebrate Veterans Day coming up on Monday. Without them, we may not be able to freely discuss our political views at all.

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