Long lines of shoppers snaking around retail stores are still commonplace the morning after Thanksgiving, but maybe not quite like they used to be. Same with the tradition of picking up a print newspaper for an early look at the Black Friday ads. With retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Nordstrom, Target, etc. creating their own shopping holidays, the frenzy around Black Friday and Cyber Monday may not be quite as intense.

Online shopping giants like Amazon are making it easier and easier to shop year round, so traditional shopping holidays like Black Friday and New Years may become a little less significant. Certainly, they remain important moments, but if the trend continues, would this be a good or bad thing?

Branded shopping holidays are on the rise. Amazon leads the way with its annual Prime Day events and other retailers, including Walmart, Target and Nordstrom, are launching their own initiatives. Whether it’s a push notification, an email with a deal or a targeted TV commercial, the nature of marketing has changed a lot due to advancing digital technology.

A growing question is the impact of online shopping on local communities. That is one we have discussed here in the past and is an ongoing topic. But this week, as we are in the middle of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we wanted to focus specifically on the impact of online purchasing on the holiday shopping experience. Is it a little less fun now or is it more fun because the lines are not quite as crazy?

The Post online reader poll question for this week asks, “Has the explosion in online purchasing taken the fun out traditional holiday shopping?”

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I really like being able to go into a store and pay with cash. That way my purchase is not recorded anywhere. We don't have much privacy left.

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