HINCKLEY – Trustees took the first formal step in what could be a single trash hauler system for Hinckley Township. At the Nov. 20 trustee meeting, trustees passed a resolution to create a Hinckley Solid Waste Disposal District. The next step will be for trustees to establish parameters for the township to go out to bid for a single hauler.

Currently, Hinckley residents are responsible for hiring their own trash hauling company and there are about four different firms which pick up trash throughout the township at various costs. As of 2015, state law now allows townships to hire a single trash hauler. Recently, Beth Biggins-Rammer, Coordinator for the Medina Solid Waste District, explained to trustees how a single trash hauler system would work and the advantages to it.

Biggins said with a multiple hauler system there is no continuity of collection services and you “can have four different trucks going down a street on four different days.” She said the multiple trash hauling system brings a lot of wear and tear on the streets and that there is no accountability for damage to public or private property.

At a prior trustee meeting, Biggins brought to the meeting a 95-gallon trash container and a 64-trash recycling container typically used with a single hauler system. She explained that a single hauler would use an automated system with a mechanical arm which would reach out and pick up the containers. She added that a certain percentage of residents are given the opportunity to opt out of the system. There is also a waiver available for those with disabilities to have their containers picked up by their garages.

Montville Township recently went with a single hauler system, selecting Kimble as the single hauler. Kimble offers Montville residents a number of different levels of service from an unlimited amount of trash down to a bag system. Costs in Montville range from $17.50 a month for the unlimited service down to about $9 a month for the least expensive level of service.

Not all residents who attended a public hearing on the matter earlier this month were in favor of the single hauler system. Some said the 95-gallon wheeled containers were too big to haul down long driveways. Others did not like the idea of the township requiring residents to use a select hauler.

At the Nov. 20 meeting, one resident told trustees “you look like you’ve already made up your mind to go with the single hauler system.”

Trustee Becky Lutzko replied that trustees have made no decision on the matter.

“At this point we are just establishing a solid waste district for Hinckley which allows us to go out for bid,” said Lutzko. “Once we decide on the parameters and go out for bid, we can then look at the various bids and see if they meet our needs. If we don’t get any bids we find acceptable than we’ll stay with what we have.”

Trustee Ray Schulte said most of the residents he’s talked to, including senior citizens, are in favor of the single hauler system.

“For many residents, going to a single hauler system will mean a savings of about $50 a quarter,” said Schulte. “For a senior on a fixed income, that’s a lot of savings.”

In other business

• Fire Chief Jestin Grossenbaugh reported on a barn fire which occurred the evening of Nov. 16 on West 130th St. Grossenbaugh said it took firefighters approximately five hours to battle the barn fire with firefighters from seven area fire departments participating. The lack of fire hydrants made the fire fight challenging and a water shuttle was set up with tanker trucks using 60,000 gallons of water, said Grossenbaugh. He said no firefighters were hurt, but some small animals were lost. He added there were no horses in the barn. Grossenbaugh said all the hay was removed from the barn and raked out onto the ground to make sure no hay was left smoldering. He said while the county will conduct an investigation, “with the barn burnt down to the ground the cause will likely be undetermined.”

• Trustees approved time-and-a-half holiday pay for firefighters on duty Thanksgiving Day, both for those at the fire station and on call.

• Trustees heard a complaint from a resident on Valley Brook Oval regarding concrete pads sinking. Trustee chairman Jim Burns said trustees will take a look at the problem as well as address the need for a lengthy list of needed road repairs at the trustee work session on Nov. 27.

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