A bankruptcy and company selloff by parent company Vertis Communications will result in the closure of the Medina Vertis printing facility on East Smith Road as of May 1. A total of 52 employees will lose their jobs.

Quad/Graphics, Inc. officially acquired Vertis Holdings for $170 million in mid-January. It was part of a court-supervised restructuring after Vertis filed for bankruptcy. The company also filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring in 2010 and 2008. The Medina plant was not part of the acquisition, said company spokesman Claire Ho, which is why the location is closing.

Vertis plants in Dallas, New Jersey and Fort Erie, Ontario will also be closed. According to Canadian news sources, Vertis officials closed the plant there without previous warning or severance pay for the approximately 100 employees.

Vertis produces marketing materials and advertising inserts. The Medina location was previously known as American Color Graphics.

The formal announcement was filed with the state’s Department of Job and Family Services, which must be informed whenever there is a mass layoff.

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Victoria Gaitskell

Glad to hear that the Vertis plant shutdown in Medina is proceeding more equitably than the one in Fort Erie, Ontario--and thank you for mentioning the Fort Erie mess. Although it has stirred up a great deal of controversy in Canada, to my knowledge it still remains unresolved:

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