To the Editor:

Wow! Color me shocked, amazed and immensely pleased and relieved! Does anyone else remember the later half of the 20th century, the vile-filled language, the contemptible vitriol, the unadulterated hatred which our government levied upon "them Reds" by our government and mass media during the Cold War? All aimed at causing Americans to be terrified of the Russians!

Consider, for example, does anyone recall the tone of the original "Red Scare" movie which came out in 1983? What a difference a generation or so has made!

Fast-forward to 2013; the Russian Federation, seemingly on a caprice, steps forward to defuse a potentially explosive situation with their ally Syria, to aid a country that was formerly their sworn enemy, the United States of America.

I swear, everyone! If you want entertainment, simply follow the news! If one reads into the headlines, the news has all of the plot twists, surprises and unforeseen developments contained within the best $300 million Hollywood blockbuster!

Thomas Prebis


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