Give the House a real reason to quickly resolve differences

To the Editor:

It has recently come to my attention that my representative, Jim Renacci, and his Republican colleagues within America’s dysfunctional House of Representatives (that august body once known as “The People’s House”), angry about what they view as rampant waste and a wholesale lack of productivity within this agency, have proposed limiting the pay of executives at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the agency charged with the indispensable task of looking after America’s warriors after they return home.

The House is doing this, apparently, in the naive belief that doing as much will do anything to speed up work at this vital government agency!

I have an idea about what we, the citizens of America, should do about this persistent conundrum: why not limit the exorbitant six-digit salaries of our congressional representatives, dividing up the amount withheld amongst every household in said representatives’ congressional district; if they cannot come to agreement on the legislation placed before them? I would venture to guess that our People’s House would find a way to overcome their allegedly “irreconcilable” differences right quick!

After all, if any of us are unable to solve a problem in the workplace – at our jobs – America, are we permitted to just throw up our hands and wail about it being “too hard”?

And with that, I rest my case, everybody...

Thomas Prebis


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