Decade-long reign of terror

To the Editor:

Regarding the “moment” with Congressman Renacci appearing in your issue on May 18: I am speaking, of course, of the single, solitary “moment;” apparently all the time spent by Wadsworth republican House member Jim Renacci in composing his piece which appeared in The Post on the 18th of May! Why am I certain that such was nothing more than a thinly-veiled, openly partisan attack on our twice-elected president, you ask?

It is fairly simple, really; Renacci mentions in his diatribe the “serious concerns” which he has about an “attempted cover-up” regarding the Obama administrations handling of the consulate attacks in Benghazi, in which four Americans were killed!

These four deaths are a despicable and unfortunate fact, to be sure. However, compare these to the 110,000 total number of people who died (including roughly 66,000 American citizens) as a result of the flagrant lies told by President George W. Bush so that he could again entangle America in the sands of Iraq? Iraq, a country which has never attacked America (not even on 9/11)!

Why does our good congressman fail to find issue with those deaths? Could it be, that, just maybe, perhaps, mentioning those deaths would cast aspersions and undue attention on the illegitimate “reign” of former President George W. Bush? After all, doesn’t anyone remember 2000? The way in which Al Gore won fair and square down in Florida, but all of America was sufficiently distracted (with a crash course in the suddenly-intractable importance of hanging, pregnant and dimpled chads) that no one managed to break through the conservative firewall and say no? The net effect of all this being that, coupled with a good deal of help from “poppy’s” golf buddies manning the bench on the Supreme Court, baby Bush managed to openly thwart the dictates of our Constitution, and thus proceed to assume the presidency, where he proceeded to embark on his decade-long reign of terror?

After all of this nonsense, has the mere mention of the disputed election of 2000 been tacitly banned by Renacci and his fellow Republican representatives manning “the people’s house” within the confines of the D.C. beltway? It must have been, which frees our elected republican representatives to spend the entirety of their time chasing at shadows, attempting to vilify Hillary Clinton!

Thomas Prebis


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