MEDINA – On April 30, 14 seniors and 108 juniors were inducted into the Medina High School chapter of National Honor Society. Brittany Johns, president of NHS, gave the opening and closing remarks.

Ken Kutcel, Lily Oda, vice president of NHS, Claire Wetta and Emily Puls spoke on the four pillars of National Honor Society: character, scholarship, leadership and service. Kathleen Jedreski introduced Minister Michelle Powell, the president/founder of the “Let’s Make a Difference” outreach program, who gave the keynote address. Ekaterina Kynazkova, secretary of NHS, designed the program.

The ceremony was organized by Kynazkova, Carly Covill, Erika Hripko, Puls, Oda, Hannah Teske, Wetta, Kylie Enders, Shannon Wilkes, Ken Kutcel and Johns.

The committee also selected the following teachers for honorary membership: Shannon Conley, Tim Jack, Shelley Leuthold and Doug Smith. The oath of membership was given by Johns. Membership certificates were distributed by Principal Bryan Farson. Associate Principals Andy Brenner, Julie McCabe and Paul Worsencroft distributed the membership pins.

Seniors who were inducted include: Olivia Brouillette, Cassandra Clifford, Jeremiah Hamlin, Christina Heishman, Kelsey Hoeller, Chad Leadbeter, Michael Marvinney, Austin Ochoa Webb, Evan Scherer, Samantha Scribner, Daron Seals, Andrew Sokolowski and Theresa Veglia.

Juniors who were inducted include: Amber Adkins, Rebecca Arnold, Kaitlyn Blake, Steven Blumenthal, Amy Bobonik, Mason Bonitz, Garrison Brown, Ryan Brown, Megan Carroll, Brooke Chrisman, Nicholas Cobb, Alexis Conway, Alexis Cook, Dana Corrao, Carli Cummins, Sarah Cuppett, Jack Denkewalter, Allisa Diekman, Nikola Dikic, Sally Doyle, Tiffanie Fogel, Tess Fullerton, Kathryn Grenfell, Carlee Grubbs, Rebekah Hans, Madeline Hartline, Collin Hendershot, Breanna Hicks, Samantha Holzman, Austi Jasinski, Amanda Jensen, Jack Jividen, Bradley King, Jerry Klue, Ksenia Klue, Oksana Klue, Rebekah Knaggs, Owen Koehler, Aidan Kranz, Rachel Krupp, Hannah Kuo, Jordan Laird, Brent Lary, John Levandofsky, Anna Li, Chen Li, Payton Lower, Bradley Lynes, Isabella Majoros, Michael Manley, Ian Mariner, Meghan McCarthy, Deano McNeil, Cassandra Midlik, Marcella Miller, Christopher Minotti, Ericka Moore, Molly Murray, Nicole Navicky, Evan Neidig, Kevin Nickley, Caroline Obermeier, Jasmin Osman, Brooke Ott, Courtnie Park, Caleb Parker, Alexis Patchen, Jerek Pazgan-Lorenzo, Samantha Petruzzi, Anna Phillips, Nicholas Pottschmidt, Christopher Raitano, Cherece Rasschaert, Alizabeth Ratliff, Holly Rhodes, Athena Ridgley, Haley Robinson, Stephanie Rose, Alexa Ross, Maria Scavuzzo, Megan Schmit, Elena Schorr, Ryan Sedletzeck, Cathy Shambaugh, Andrew Shea, Nathaniel Smith, Emily Spinelli, Justin Spooner, William St. John-Grubb, Lucia Stepp, Halle Sternberg, Abby Sulesky, Lindsay Szantay, Trevor Thompson, Joseph Toth, Kelsey Usher, Sarah VanWagnen, Erin VanCamp, Emma Vandenbusche, Sydney Vanleeuwen, Chelsea Velic, Kimberly Vidika, Allison Walker, Carleton Whitmore, Matthew Whittaker, Erin Winchester, Kathyrn Zackery and Jennifer Zwick.

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