NORTH ROYALTON – Both Council President Larry Antoskiewicz and Ward 3 Councilman Dan Langshaw started the new year off by following through on their resolutions to seek re-election.

All six ward seats, council president and the mayor are up for re-election in 2015. Antoskiewicz and Langshaw were the first to pull candidate petitions, Langshaw on Jan. 5 and Antoskiewicz on Jan. 6.

Antoskiewicz, 61, is looking for his second four-year term as council president.

Prior to this role, he served as the Ward 5 councilman from 2005-2011.

He said he is eying another term because he wants to keep the city of North Royalton moving forward. He said he has witnessed significant growth within the city and even city council in the past four years, and he wants to see that through.

“There are a lot of positive things happening, and we are taking care of storm water issues, streets. As finance chair, I, along with council, have closely monitored the budget, we are getting it done on a timely basis and every year we are sticking with it,” he said. “Continuing to work with the mayor on regional projects allows us to continue to cut costs. I think we have more work to do, we’re not done. I just want to see everything continue to move forward. I want to keep running to continue that work and try to finish the job we started.”

Antoskiewicz said he enjoys tackling the unique challenges that being on council presents and wants to expound upon the changes made to continue to grow and improve.

“I just like the fact that I represent everybody in the city, and I have an opportunity to work with not only the mayor but six other, individual councilmen and enjoy the challenge of bringing everyone together to reach a consensus to accomplish a lot of the things we have,” he said. “One of the biggest challenges is to take the different personalities and get a majority to agree on a lot of the different issues that we face.”

I always want to continue to look at how, as a council, we handle our day-to-day operation to continue to look at that and talk to the legislative director to see if there is any way we can do things better to improve the process of what we do to better serve our residents.”

Langshaw, 29, is seeking his second two-year term on council. He was appointed to the seat March 28, 2013 when the late Ward 3 Councilman Don Willey died in office March 1 of that year. Langshaw was elected to his first term Nov. 5 that same year.

Langshaw said he is excited at the opportunity to continue to serve the 5,500 residents who call Ward 3 home, and, like Antoskiewicz, he wants to continue the positive momentum the city is gaining.

“Most importantly, I want to ensure that Ward 3 continues to have a strong voice on the North Royalton City Council through my continued service to both my ward and hometown,” he said.

Langshaw said he enjoys this role immensely because, not only is it an honor, but he is passionate about serving his community and making a difference.

“I enjoy knowing that I can have a direct impact in helping a fellow resident in need or giving them a voice on council about issues they are concerned about or want addressed,” he said. “I am very passionate and enjoy serving others. I am a leader and a doer. My parents taught me the importance of helping others and a strong work ethic. Ward 3 residents know if they need help or need to reach me, I am there to serve them 24/7. And, my residents continue to remind me wherever I go, whether it be shopping at Giant Eagle, at a city event, at my monthly constituent coffees or even just taking a walk down the street, that they want to keep me as their councilman, and they appreciate what I am doing to serve them as their voice on city council.”

The filing deadline to run in the November general election is Aug. 5.

All candidates have until then to acquire 50 valid petition signatures from registered voters within their territory and file those with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

No one else has pulled petitions just yet, however, Mayor Bob Stefanik has already publicly announced plans to seek his third and final term as mayor.

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I cannot bring myself to vote for this candidate even though he is running unopposed. North Royalton has suffered tremendously under his tenure as mayor. I will be writing in any other name just so I can cast a vote against him to show how dissatisfied I am with the job he has done. Please, Mr. Stefanik, have the decency to step down already.

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