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Ward 3 Councilman Dan Langshaw has started an initiative to make residents new to his ward feel welcome and right at home.

NORTH ROYALTON – One councilman is working to ensure residents new to his ward feel as welcome as possible.

Ward 3 Councilman Dan Langshaw announced Jan. 9 the official launch of his New Resident Welcome Initiative, which purposes to foster a sense of belonging and connect Ward 3 residents new to North Royalton to services available within the community.

The initiative is a product of two things – his observation of the late Ward 3 Councilman Don Willey and feedback from the Master Plan Advisory Committee.

“My predecessor, the late Councilman Don Willey, was known for driving to new residents’ homes and introducing them to the city,” he said. “And, members of the Master Plan Committee brought up the need to make our community a little more welcoming to both new residents and businesses alike. So, combining both concepts, I created an initiative that continues a little tradition and addresses the need to make it more welcoming to live here in Ward 3, the heart of the city of North Royalton.”

Langshaw has a long history of engaging with constituents. As both a school board member and now a councilman, he feels strongly about hosting frequent coffee talks to not only get to know his constituents but to also give them an opportunity to voice any concerns.

Last year, he hosted an ice cream social for Ward 3 residents, so they could not only get to know him but get to know fellow neighbors.

“I want to ensure that I am a voice for all residents of Ward 3 whether they are brand new or have lived here 20-plus years. The more active I am, the closer I can get to achieving that,” he said.

Langshaw has enlisted the help of local realtors and homeowners’ associations to assist him in identifying new residents. As part of the initiative, new Ward 3 residents will be receiving a visit from Langshaw and an informational packet outlining basic services offered in North Royalton.

Langshaw said in the initiative’s first day, he had already visited the homes of 12 new residents, who all appreciate the gesture.

“They all appreciated what I am trying to do and all expressed how happy they are to live in North Royalton,” Langshaw said. “We have a great city, and I just like to make sure that our newest residents in my ward feel part of it right from the start.”

Al Petrich, a resident of Southampton cluster homes, said he thinks it’s a great idea.

“I plan to urge our homeowners’ association to participate in this initiative. It provides some helpful city information such as trash pick up and recycling and how the contractor wants it put out; Swift911; the Do Not Knock policy; some contacts. I think for someone moving into the area, this would be very helpful,” he said.

City hall also offers welcome packets with similar information to all new residents.

Any new Ward 3 resident interested in receiving a welcome packet from Langshaw can do so by phoning him at 440-785-4240 or by e-mail at ward3@northroyalton.org.

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