Akins and Edgerton intersection

The Akins and Edgerton roads intersection can be tricky for those who are unfamiliar with it, and for this reason, City Council wants extra signage installed here. Akins traffic, (left), stops for Edgerton traffic, (right), coming around the curve here. Edgerton traffic in the other direction, yields when continuing onto Akins.

NORTH ROYALTON – Extra signage will be installed soon where Akins meets Edgerton Road, an unusual intersection locals say can be a bit tricky for those unfamiliar with the area.

Ward 5 Councilwoman Cheryl Hannan broached the topic in City Council’s Safety Committee interested in signage similar to that installed at the Akins and Ridge roads intersection where LED lighted stop signs were added to provide extra awareness of the stop.

“It’s a hazardous intersection and particularly dangerous for drivers unfamiliar with the road. It’s been a longtime concern for residents living near that area,” Hannan said, of Edgerton-Akins.

She said a resident has said he’s had several near misses there, and that Council President Larry Antoskiewicz, who also lives in that area, has heard similar complaints.

“My thought, let’s be proactive and remedy the issue before there is a tragic accident, so that’s why I brought it to council,” Hannan said.

Ward 1 Councilman John Nickell and Ward 3 Councilman Dan Langshaw, chair of safety, agree it does pose a concern, and council is waiting to hear from the administration if the signage can be installed administratively or if it will require legislative action.

“We have come to a consensus that although there aren’t any major accidents at the intersection, it does pose a line of sight concern especially for motorists who don’t often travel in that part of the city,” Langshaw said. “As such the committee has requested the administration install solar LED signage for that intersection similar to what council approved a few months ago for Akins and Ridge roads.”

“I myself just traveled through it a little unsure who should yield. The majority of council agreed it was worth the approximate $1,800 cost for a flashing LED stop sign to prevent accidents or loss of life,” Nickell added.

Safety Director Bruce Campbell said that though it is an unusual intersection, thankfully there is not an inordinate amount of crashes there.

“It’s not your standard intersection but we don’t have a lot of crashes there. Akins does intersects Edgerton at an unusual angle as Edgerton curves,” Campbell said. “So council wants to make traffic more aware that it is coming up ahead, to be proactive. Hopefully these signs do a good job of doing that and bring it to drivers’ attention.”

The exact placement and type of signage is still being evaluated.

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