Kiwanis Arbor Day project

Service clubs do a massive amount of behind the scenes community service projects like Kiwanis, who provide tree saplings to fifth-graders for Arbor Day. But all clubs say participation is lacking and membership are dwindling.

NORTH ROYALTON – In an effort to help service clubs and get to the bottom of dwindling participation and enrollment, Ward 3 Councilman Dan Langshaw and Council President Larry Antoskiewicz are reaching out to residents through a Community Civic Engagement Survey.

Langshaw and Antoskiewicz are both active members in several community service clubs and have noticed the decline in membership over the last few years. The topic of encouraging civic engagement in the community has come up at a few council and bicentennial committee meetings which prompted the councilmen to take action.

“All our service clubs and organizations do so much with their members to volunteer to help residents in need, organize community events, and truly are the heart of civic engagement in North Royalton. It is important to make sure people are aware of all these clubs and ways to be more involved in our community,” Langshaw said.

Service clubs include the Royalton Hills Lions, North Royalton Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary of North Royalton and Broadview Heights, Garden Club, Historical Society, Community Band, Community Emergency Response Team and the Holiday Lighting Committee.

The survey will provide valuable feedback that will help the city’s service clubs in finding ways to increase membership and participation of the community. The survey takes less than 3 minutes to complete and is available electronically at from May 16 through June 30.

The survey asks residents if they are familiar with clubs in town and which ones, if they are members of any groups, how they hear about events in the city, what would encourage them to join a club and if they would be interested in club membership.

After completing the survey, there is an opportunity to enter a raffle to win one of two $25 Visa gift cards being donated by the councilmen.

Only one entry per participant is accepted.

The data collected will be analyzed by Langshaw and Antoskiewicz then shared with the city’s service organizations.

“We’re hoping people will take the survey and give us some feedback. We just want to help the service clubs because they are all experiencing a decline in enrollment and they’re not really sure why. We’re hoping we can find out what some of the reasons are and what can we do to bring that information forward and help the service clubs start to grow their numbers again,” Antoskiewicz said.

In a North Royalton without service clubs, things would be much different, the councilmen said, as the clubs do so many behind the scenes service projects.

“Our service clubs are a valuable asset to the city more than people realize with all they do. North Royalton would look a lot different without our service clubs. A lot of the different events people enjoy on a yearly basis would go away too probably,” Antoskiewicz said.

“Without its service clubs, the heart of our community would be gone,” Langshaw added. “Countless families in need would be forgotten, no community festival, no holiday lighting, no parades, no Easter egg hunt, lost educational opportunities for our kids, and so much more would be lost.”

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