Mayor Bob and Janice Stefanik

Mayor Bob Stefanik, pictured here with his wife Janice, has always given the bulk of his fundraiser contributions back to the community. He announced, during his most recent fundraiser April 5, he will also be donating to the bicentennial celebration this year.

NORTH ROYALTON – It’s not every day a politician raises campaign finances just to give them back to the community, but that’s exactly what Mayor Bob Stefanik has done since his days on city council.

Though his tenure as mayor is winding down with this year and next to go before he is term limited, he said he wants to continue giving back to his community.

Usually, he donates much of his annual fundraiser proceeds through donations here and there to local service clubs and youth organizations. He also gives a portion toward the Community Festival fireworks display.

This year his tradition continues and is an extra special gift to mark the North Royalton’s milestone birthday as the mayor plans to contribute a sizable amount to the upcoming, month-long bicentennial celebration planned late July through mid-August.

The city’s 200th birthday, currently being planned by the bicentennial committee the mayor formed, will be commemorated with a citywide sidewalk sale July 28-29, the annual Pet Carnival on July 29, a bicentennial ball Aug. 4, community picnic Aug. 5, the Bicentennial Community Festival Aug. 10-12 and the Olde Timer’s Banquet Aug. 18.

Stefanik’s annual fundraiser was hosted April 5 at Carrie Cerino’s Ristorante and Party Center.

As a trustee of the North Royalton Historical Society, Ward 3 Councilman Dan Langshaw said he appreciates the mayor’s gift.

“I think it is great how generous the mayor has always been, especially to give back to the community, but this year I greatly appreciate what he is doing to step up to ensure that the city has an amazing bicentennial celebration that all residents can enjoy,” he said.

The mayor said this is important to him because he wants to do all he can to assist service groups in their mission to support community.

“I have the ability as mayor to raise money to support not only the bicentennial but all the other groups and organizations I have supported throughout my almost 20 years of being an elected official,” he said. “It’s a milestone for any community to reach its 200th birthday, and it’s important we celebrate that. It’s not going to be a showy celebration, it’s going to be about community.”

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