NORTH ROYALTON – Ward 3 Councilman Dan Langshaw is the first incumbent to announce plans to seek another term this election year.

Langshaw formally pulled petitions this week, the first step toward re-election.

Each ward councilperson needs 50 valid signatures from registered voters in their specific ward to file. All six ward seats are up for re-election this year. These are two-year terms, and council may only serve six consecutive terms, 12 consecutive years, in any one position due to term limits. Langshaw, 31, is seeking his third term.

He first came into office March 28, 2013 by appointment due to a vacancy and was elected to his first two-year term later that same year. He was re-elected to his second term Nov. 3, 2015.

Langshaw said he wants to ensure residents of Ward 3 continue to have a strong voice on council through his service to his ward and hometown.

“I am newly married to my wife Marissa and now a father to my 10-year-old son Henry,” he said. “I believe it is important, not only for my family but all for families in our community, to keep the positive progress taking place here in North Royalton through my experience, dedication and proven record of service to my residents.”

Council is a part-time job on paper, but Langshaw said he puts in full-time effort because he wants to do his part to serve residents and be part of making a positive difference in the community.

“Ward 3 residents know if they need help or need to reach me, I am there to serve them 24/7. Since taking office in 2013, my residents have become more like extended members of my family to me,” he said. “I have gotten to know them very well over the years from my monthly coffees, ward events, assisting them or even just knocking on their door when in their neighborhood. It is the difference that I have made in my residents’ lives and their families’ that makes me devoted to continuing to be their voice on city council.”

Council President Larry Antoskiewicz is not up for re-election, as his seat is a four-year term.

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