North Royalton Police Department

Both North Royalton and Strongsville police departments have begun screening deer hunting permit applicants for the 2019 archery season, which begins in September.

Both the North Royalton and Strongsville police departments are already screening deer hunting permit applicants for the 2019 urban deer bow hunting program, which begins in September.

This year will make the fourth season of the bow hunting program in North Royalton, Strongsville, Broadview Heights, Parma, Parma Heights and Seven Hills, where residents agreed by a ballot vote in 2016 to allow urban bow hunting, citing deer as a nuisance and threat to safety due to overpopulation.

Both North Royalton and Strongsville began accepting deer hunting permit applications last month, as hunters must reapply annually to be allowed to hunt. Archery season in Ohio is Sept. 28 through Feb. 2.

Rules for applying for permits are slightly different for each community.

The deadline to submit an application in North Royalton is Aug. 15. In Strongsville, however, hunters can apply throughout the season.

The permit fee is used to cover the administrative costs and time involved in the program. In North Royalton, which has the most number of hunters and the most hunting of the six communities, the permit fee is $150. The fee in Strongsville is $35.

North Royalton Police Chief Ken Bilinovich said it may seem expensive but the bulk of hunting occurs in North Royalton, making the program “very labor intensive”.

The police departments must not only accept, review and issue permits, but under the rules of the program, the police chief or his designee must also visit the property where the hunting will take place to determine if there is enough acreage to safely hunt, which requires close to 5 acres in Royalton and a minimum of 3 in Strongsville. The police must also determine the best placement for the elevated hunting stand.

The cull limit is typically 10 deer per hunter in these communities, however, the bag limit this year has not been set by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Three anterless deer are required first before an antlered deer in Royalton and one anterless deer before an antlered deer in Strongsville. The ODNR allows each hunter only one antlered deer in Ohio per season.

A nuisance permit isn’t required during bow season, but archers must have a hunting license and a deer permit from the ODNR, have the property owner’s consent in writing, have permission to hunt by way of that city’s police department and notify police before going out to hunt. In North Royalton, hunters must prove they are proficient in archery, however, this is not a requirement in Strongsville.

Rules and forms are available on both cities’ websites.

Last season, there were 83 deer hunting permits issued and 144 deer culled in North Royalton. In Strongsville, there were 59 permitted hunters and 72 deer harvested.

Bilinovich said the program is going well and hunters are abiding by the rules.

“I am pleased with the deer hunting program. The way it is going now, we have no problems with the permitting process or hunting, and we look forward to another safe season coming up,” he said.

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