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North Royalton Police Department

June 28 – Two people were assaulting each other in a vehicle on Bennett Road around 9:44 a.m. Andrea Turk said she and Jeremy Dearth were at her house when they got into a verbal argument. Dearth collected his belongings, but Turk had to provide him a ride because he does not have a valid license. While on the road, the two began arguing again to the point they reportedly began to hit each other. Turk said she did not want to press charges, but wanted Dearth to stay away. Dearth said that while driving, Turk had started screaming and driving into oncoming traffic, then started hitting him in the face. He had a split lip and blood in his mouth. He did not wish to press charges, but wanted to collect his belongings and go home. The two were advised to go their separate ways and cease contact with each other. Dearth requested a courtesy ride, which requires a search of his belongings for weapons. When the officer picked up Dearth's bag, he reported a strong odor of burnt marijuana. Dearth said there was a pipe in the pocket, which the officer found to contain burnt residue and three small, clear plastic containers of marijuana. Dearth was cited for drug abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia.

North Royalton Police Department

June 26 – Dispatch received a complaint around 8:07 p.m. that a female appeared to be sleeping in a car, but the caller could not confirm if the woman was breathing. Officers responded to the Applewood Drive location to perform a welfare check. Ashley Wojtala – who is known to the department – reportedly was asleep with one foot up on the passenger's side dashboard – but she was breathing. After banging on the window, the officer was able to wake Wojtala, but she shouted an obscenity. The officer ordered her to open the door, which she did slowly. She allegedly admitted to drinking and smoking marijuana the night before, and had been up drinking since 6:30 a.m. that morning. The officer reported a strong odor of alcohol coming from Wojtala, and she had droopy eyelids and glossy eyes. She was allegedly defensive and offered no explanation as to how she ended up sleeping in her car, instead of just driving home. Field sobriety tests indicated possible intoxication, and Wojtala's breath sample registered a .017 BAC. She was arrested for OVI and her vehicle towed. During inventory, officers found both an unused and burnt chore boy, a burnt spoon with residue, a measuring cup with white residue suspected to be cocaine, a baggie of marijuana, and a baggie with white residue – all within reach of the driver's seat. A second breath sample at the station read .114 BAC at 9:37 p.m. and Wojtala's license was suspended. When asked her typical drug of choice, Wojtala reportedly said she is an equal opportunity user and uses whatever is available, but would not specify what she used last. She was cited for OVI, drug abuse/possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and more charges may be forthcoming pending item testing. Wojtala has one prior OVI conviction from 2012 and a reduced physical control conviction from another OVI charge. 

June 28 – Around 1:10 a.m., an officer noticed a car driving over the segmented yellow and the white fog lines, nearly driving off the roadway. After pulling over the car, the driver, 18-year-old Seamus Kral, seemed confused and didn't realize he had driven over the marked lines. The officer detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from inside the car, and Kral reportedly had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, but denied having alcohol that evening. Kral provided a breath sample of .135 BAC, appeared unsteady on his feet, and field sobriety tests indicated possible intoxication. He was placed under arrest and his vehicle towed. During vehicle inventory, police found a vape pen filled with THC oil, a glass pipe with burnt marijuana residue, a torch and six sealed vape cartridges labeled "Pineapple Express 91% 1g" which is a common name for a type of marijuana strain. Also located were a half-full bottle of Hennessy Cognac, three beers and a mason jar full of marijuana. All were seized as evidence. At the station, Kral produced a BAC sample of .131, his license was confiscated and he was placed under administrative license suspension. Kral reportedly admitted the contraband belongs to him and said he only sporadically smokes marijuana. He denied that he was trafficking in marijuana products, despite the large amount of cash he had on his person at the time of arrest. Kral was charged with OVI, driving within marked lanes, drug abuse, drug paraphernalia, open container in a motor vehicle and underage alcohol prohibitions.

June 28 – Patrol units were dispatched to Ridge and Tilby roads for an unconscious male who was punched in the face. The victim appeared highly intoxicated, had a mark on the side of his face, a bump on the back of his head, and was found carrying several unopened beers. A witness reported he heard the sound of the victim's head striking the concrete, and said another white male took off running toward Tilby. It was eventually determined that Jonathan Keating had been encouraged by Michael Benjamin Johnson to follow the victim across the street, Keating confronted him, and punched him in the face. The victim fell to the ground, striking his head on the concrete. Keating reportedly fled the scene. A formal complaint was written up for felony assault for Keating and a warrant issued. Johnson is being cited for inciting to violence. It was later reported the victim has a cranial fracture in the back of his skull, a cheek fracture, concussion and bleeding on the brain.

June 29 – The registered driver to a vehicle found to be swerving at 2:38 a.m. was shown to have an expired driver's license. After initiating a traffic stop, the driver said the car is registered to his brother, but the driver has failed the driver's test multiple times and did not have a driver's license of his own. He was identified as Hussein Maana, stating he used to have a Michigan driver's license, but it was suspended. Maana said he had no one to call for a ride, and his vehicle was ordered towed. Maana reportedly became argumentative, stating that he should not be getting a ticket because he has been driving without a license for over a year without an accident. He refused to exit the vehicle and had to be escorted out. He was placed under arrest for obstructing official business, driving with no driver's license and left of center at 3:03 a.m., and transported to the jail. 

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