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North Royalton Police Department

Oct. 25 – Dispatch received a complaint of a vehicle stopped in the middle of Bunker Road around 6:48 a.m. The driver reportedly appeared to be passed out. When police arrived, they found the vehicle off and the car registered to Ronald R. Varner, who had an active warrant through Strongsville Police Department for failing to appear on a shoplifting charge. The officer was able to wake Varner, who said his vehicle had stalled out and he fell asleep before he could figure out what to do. He denied using drugs or alcohol. A search of his person did not produce any contraband, and he did not appear to be impaired at all, though he did admit to having an open container. Varner was handcuffed and transported to be released to SPD. During vehicle tow inventory, police found an open can of Budweiser in the center console cup holder that was half full. Varner was issued a misdemeanor citation for open container in a motor vehicle.

North Royalton Police Department

Oct. 26 – A car traveling below the posted speed limit caught the attention of a patrol officer, who clocked it at 25 mph in a 35 zone. While navigating a curve on Sprague Road around 1 a.m., the car reportedly went into the middle turning lane with both left tires until the road straightened again. At this point, the car’s slow pace was holding up three other cars on the roadway, so the officer initiated a traffic stop. Both the male driver, Angelo F. Torchia, and his male passenger were in Halloween costumes, claiming to have just come from a party. Torchia handed over his driver’s license and a Giant Eagle card; the officer returned the latter. He attempted to explain his reason for driving slowly, but it didn’t make sense. After pointing out the odor of alcohol, Torchia reportedly admitted to having some beers, “But I had a lot to eat.” He had bloodshot eyes and lethargic, drunk-like behavior. He provided a breath sample of .171 BAC, stating his last drink was an hour ago. Field sobriety tests indicated possible intoxication, and Torchia was placed under arrested for OVI and transported to the jail. During vehicle inventory, a glass pipe was found containing both a burnt a raw substance believed to be marijuana. At the station, Torchia produced a .150 BAC breath sample. He allegedly admitted to have four to five Bud Lights over the course of the evening and smoking marijuana from the glass pipe found in his car. He was charged with OVI, marked lanes, seat belt law, slow speed — impeding traffic, and possession of marijuana paraphernalia.

Oct. 26 – A Chevy was observed traveling in a serpentine motion down Royalton Road around 2:30 a.m. On two separate occasions, the car’s driver’s side tires reportedly went completely left of center, and the car traveled at an inconsistent rate of speed. After initiating a traffic stop, the officer met the driver, Rebecca Elizabeth Smith, detecting a strong odor of alcohol coming from inside the car. Smith’s eyes were allegedly glossy and bloodshot, and her speech slurred. She admitted to coming from a local bar, stating she’d had three beers. When trying to find proof of insurance, the officer watched as Smith passed over her insurance cards twice, then noticed the cards were expired. Field sobriety tests indicated possible intoxication, and she was placed into custody for OVI and her car towed. She stated, “I don’t know why y’all are picking on me, there’s other people out there. I know plenty of them, believe me.” At the jail, Smith was reportedly not cooperative, stating that she didn’t understand situation and refusing to give an answer when asked if she’d give a breath sample. She stated she wasn’t signing anything. Smith was charged with OVI refusal, left of center, weaving course and safety belt.

Oct. 27 – While patrolling W. 130th Street around 4:39 a.m., and officer observed a car in a business parking lot with the engine running and headlights on. The male driver, Giovanni Carriero, was hunched over the steering wheel and appeared to be asleep with his phone in his hand. The car was in park with Carriero’s foot on the brake, and the radio was playing at a high volume. It took close to a minute of knocking on the window with a flashlight to get Carriero to open his eyes. He reportedly looked around in a confused manner, made eye contact with the officer, put his head down and went back to sleep. After rousing him a second time, Carriero reportedly shooed the officer away with his hand and attempted to go back to sleep. The officer opened the driver’s door and told Carriero to wake up, causing the driver to mumble something. He claimed to be leaving the bar next door to head home, and had an obvious odor of alcohol with glossy, bloodshot eyes. When asked for ID, Carriero unlocked his phone and started searching through apps. He allegedly admitted to drinking one White Claw. Field sobriety tests indicated possible intoxication, after which Carriero admitted to having two White Claws. He provided a breath sample of .161 BAC and was placed under arrest for OVI and his vehicle towed. At the station, Carriero reportedly provided a breath sample of .136 BAC, his license was suspended, and he was charged with OVI.

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