It’s time to make a decision on medical marijuana

To the Editor:

City Council has delayed having an up or down vote on whether or not medical marijuana cultivators and dispensaries can set up shop in North Royalton for over a year now.

We have had two six month moratoriums to allow for extra time to study the issue and now is the time to finally decide what kind of future we want.

The millions of dollars the marijuana industry is promising is very attractive if you just only look at that kind of green. Based on my research and feedback received, this is not something I can support for three important reasons.

First, the state of Ohio can’t be trusted to effectively or safely regulate such a large scale program such as this. Years ago the state promised our city and others that oil and gas drilling would be safe in our community, be well regulated, and make us a large profit. History has proven that to be a lie. We have had oil spills, safety issues and additional costs to taxpayers. We have to beg the state to do its job to regulate these wells.

Second, medical marijuana is still against federal law as a dangerous Schedule I Drug and a crime to possess it. Also, first responders have enough on their hands with the drug epidemic we are facing now that have resulted in deaths even in our own community. This will make it worse by those who will abuse it.

Third medical marijuana has not been proven to effectively cure any medical conditions and the FDA has not approved it to be safe to use. At best it is a guess if it will do anything. The harm marijuana can do on the body is well documented.

However; my heart goes out to those who have conditions and are in great pain like my late Aunt Jo who had cancer and later died from it. More research needs to be done and I think we are putting the cart before the horse. I would rather focus our city’s economic development efforts on things residents really want like a Starbucks, Panera Bread, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and additional restaurant options in town. A majority of Council seems to want medical marijuana shops and if so, I hope they have a plan for additional local regulation of them.

I respect views for and against medical marijuana. Time is up; City Council needs to put this to a vote and make a decision on this issue once and for all without further delay.

Dan Langshaw

Ward 3 Councilman

North Royalton

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