The left is merely stoking a culture of victimization

To the Editor:

Al Sharpton has masqueraded as a civil rights leader when he’s a race baiter who exploits the African-American community for personal gain. He and Jesse Jackson have helped build a culture of grievance that promotes victimization. When there’s misery to exploit and money to be made we know these corporate shakedown artists are anxious to assist.

Thankfully shysters like these don’t always succeed. Jussie Smollett lied about being attacked by two white Trump supporters for personal gain. He was exposed as a fake victim. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford lied about being sexually assaulted by then Supreme Court nominee Bret Kavanaugh, but rule of law prevailed. We can’t forget the ultimate manipulator of victimhood: Colin Kaepernick. His disrespect for the American flag had nothing to do with his claim of police brutality towards black men. He did it for the money. Reports indicate he has received tens of millions of dollars.

The party of victimhood, the Democrat Party, takes the African-American vote for granted and has done nothing to improve the lives of these constituents for 50 years. Now the party is searching for new victims. This is a party that has also abandoned the middle class. They require an ever-growing underclass of voters who are unable or unwilling to provide for themselves. Open borders and free health care for illegal aliens are policies designed to attract those who will instantly become dependent on government. These new victims are future voters for the party of “free stuff.” Of course, nothing is free – the middle class would be picking up this tab.

Don’t believe for a moment that Democrats care about the wellbeing of those flooding across our border. Power is all they care about and they will gladly compromise the security and freedom of the American people to ensure it.

Jeff Longo

North Royalton

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