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The Norwayne HPAC divisions are chugging toward innovation with a historical, technological and motivational app for the County Line Trail.

The Norwayne HPAC divisions are chugging toward innovation with a historical, technological and motivational app for the County Line Trail, the motorist-free path that was built in association with Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County.

The Norwayne High School Health Professions Affinity Community, headed by Hannah Miller and Danielle Zimmerly, first thought of improving the County Line Trail experience when the Orrville High School HPAC group completed some maintenance projects on its local Rails-to-Trails venue, the Sippo Valley Trail.

The Norwayne HPAC group then developed a plan for a technological project whose objectives are to raise physical fitness awareness, improve trail usage and experience, as well as enrich local residents’ knowledge of railroad and region history. The app will consist of three sections: a history section, a natural environment section and a physical fitness section.

College of Wooster student Yashasvi Lohia will compile, organize, design and publish all submitted information in an appealing app.

Several Norwayne eighth-graders were recruited for the history branch of the app. They willingly assumed the positions and established a division of the high school HPAC group called the Junior HPAC Historical Committee.

The Norwayne Junior HPAC Historical Committee has been collecting information on the histories of Creston and Sterling as well as assisting in the development of the app.

Local historians Kate Slater and Jim Bischoff have proved to be a wealth of knowledge and fantastic resources for this project.

Ann Gerber, Norwayne Middle School’s eighth grade language arts teacher, has come through as a remarkable mentor.

The Norwayne HPAC group’s County Line Trail app will be perfect for anyone who is interested in the rich history, exciting natural environment and fitness opportunities of this area of Ohio.

After the app is published and made available to the public, a kick-off event will be held for promotional purposes.

Visit the Norwayne Rails to Trails App Facebook page to learn more about the project, get involved, stay updated and enjoy behind-the-scenes photos.

For any questions regarding the County Line Trail, the Norwayne HPAC, the app or any affiliated matters, contact the Norwayne HPAC divisions at

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