My wife was watching her new favorite TV show, "Wine with DeWine" at 2 p.m. yesterday. My daughter watches it, too. It can't be that Mike DeWine is so good looking I don't think. I mean, I like Mike but he looks almost as bad as me. Read more

I confess to a certain self-interest in today's column. The media, especially newspapers, are in trouble. Conservatives like myself have been … Read more

It is not cognitive dissonance -- the impossibility of holding two or more contradictory beliefs simultaneously -- to favor the $2 trillion co… Read more

The Post was able to post our first breaking story yesterday but it was a sad one. The coronavirus claimed its first victim in Medina County yesterday. We broke it as an alert on our website first and and quickly followed with an email to all our subscribers. Read more

HARRISBURG, Pa. - If you needed another reminder of the profound difference in messaging between state governors and the Trump White House, th… Read more

We received an outpouring of support from both readers and advertisers yesterday. Like my headline says – thanks, I needed that! Read more

If anything good can come from the coronavirus pandemic, it is the revelation of America's over-reliance on China, especially when it comes to drugs. Read more

Two or three times a year, falling trees knock out power at my home, in a heavily-wooded section of Central California. When outages stretch o… Read more