To the Editor:

There is a lot going on in the world today, but I just experienced something that truly shocked me.

I had to make a trip to deposit a check at the local bank, since all that is open is drive throughs, I pulled in and a car was almost around the corner so I pulled up behind. I was thinking only one line must be open, but as I pulled up I noticed both lines were open so I pulled around a car thinking they must be filling in slip or something and since there was only one car in each line thought nothing of it.

Next thing I know I'm getting called every name in book, so I set my timer on my phone and it was 35 seconds before this lady in a newer black Explorer got to the window, and continued calling me every name. All I could do is laugh. I'm an umpire, ref and a car salesman so I've heard most everything.

I hear about compassion and a united America and I'm thinking that this lady for 35 seconds could be that mean and thoughtless and I started thinking is this the sign of things to come? Lobbies are closed, we all will make sacrifices and we will all have to be patient, but to get so upset over 35 seconds and something so trivial is both childish and very selfish. We all have things to do and places to go – well not so much right now.

To this lady I so upset, I'm truly sorry for thinking you were filling out a deposit slip and stole that 35 seconds from you and I hope all that anger and profanity made you feel better.

Jeff Jenkins


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