Gabriella Solivan

Gabriella Solivan shows off one of the orange ribbons she sold as part of a fundraiser to aid the families of two local boys who are currently battling cancer. So far, she’s raised more than $10,500.

BRUNSWICK — Gabriella Solivan is a sixth-grade student at Visintainer Middle School who started a campaign to help two of her fellow Brunswick students.

Solivan heard about the two boys, Colin and Noah, and how they were both battling cancer. She felt very bad for the students and decided to help.

Solivan gathered a group of people to help her come up with an idea. Solivan’s mom, dad and her friends all pitched in to help.

“I could not have done it without them,” Solivan said.

Her idea was to ask for donations in four neighborhoods. She went around and told people that if they wanted to donate, they could just leave money in their mailbox and she would collect it for the families.

For those who donated, an orange ribbon was placed on their mailbox. This orange ribbon represents Colin and Noah’s favorite color — orange.

On the day that Solivan and her group collected donations throughout various neighborhoods, they were amazed. Solivan and her team were happy to place ribbons on just about every mailbox in the neighborhoods they visited.

The project was a success.

Once all of the donations were counted, Solivan said she was in “shock” over how much they had raised — more than $10,500.

Dana Grebey, a teacher at Visintainer Middle School, said she is very proud and impressed with Gabriella.

The Brunswick Hills Police are also collecting donations for these families. Solivan said that she may think about expanding to other neighborhoods to help raise more money.

Anderson Mitchell is a sixth grader at Visintainer Middle School.

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