Fireworks on the Commons

Fireworks always draw the curtain on the annual Homecoming Festival, capping the four-day event with a bang. The display will begin at 10 p.m., July 20 and is best viewed from the Commons.

STRONGSVILLE – There’s probably no better way to cap a festival dedicated to hometown pride than with a good, ol’ fashioned fireworks display.

This year’s Homecoming promises not to disappoint, so for the sixth year in a row, festivities will end with a bang — the Light Up Strongsville fireworks display at 10 p.m., Saturday, July 20.

Fireworks are launched near the tennis courts as close as possible to the Commons while still maintaining a safe distance that includes a perimeter to ensure the crowd not only has a great view but a safe one.

“It’s designed to be best viewed and enjoyed from the Commons. People won’t be permitted near the blast area,” said Charlie Goss, Strongsville safety director and the Strongsville Chamber of Commerce’s fireworks chairman.

American Fireworks will once again handle the pyrotechnics, the same vendor that also performs the city’s Fourth of July display. Goss said both police and fire will be on scene to ensure everything goes off without a hitch and is handled properly.

“Absolutely, the fire department gets there early in the day to make sure all the safeguards are in place. They work with the fireworks display company during the day, and the police will be there to make sure the safety setback is being honored,” he said.

The public is encouraged to come early to secure a good spot.

“Get there early and onto the Commons before we have to start restricting vehicle and pedestrian traffic and enjoy the Homecoming and show. That’s the whole idea,” Goss smiled.

Mayor Tom Perciak said the fireworks are compliments of many corporate and individual sponsorships. He said the event just wouldn’t be the same without this special touch that really conveys hometown pride.

“Without the generosity of all the sponsors, the fireworks for the Fourth of July and the Homecoming Festival wouldn’t be possible,” he said. “We are grateful to the business community for stepping up again to sponsor this display that caps this very special event for our community.”

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