Tennis courts

The tennis courts at Strongsville High School are not in good shape and do not have easy access for fans or players. New tennis courts will be installed in a better location and with sufficient parking. 

STRONGSVILLE – Mustang tennis players will have a new facility by the end of the year. At the June 6 board of education meeting, approval was granted to construct six new tennis courts on Strongsville High School’s campus.

The project comes at a cost of about $555,000, and will be paid for with the last of the bond dollars from the district’s $81 million bond issue from 2012. The money has to be used for permanent improvements. The district realized significant savings after building a new middle school, renovating the high school, upgrading security and improving the elementary schools. With extra money, more projects have come to fruition to benefit the students. This is the final one on the agenda.

“When we looked at what we could do with the remaining bond money, it became apparent that the tennis courts are in disrepair,” said Operations Manager Stephen Breckner. “Anything we would do with those tennis courts at their current site would just be Band-Aids.”

Rather than upgrade the old courts, new courts will be constructed in a new location. The new facility will be located next to Pat Catan Stadium behind the scoreboard. It will be situated in a north-south orientation to alleviate sun obstruction for players. It will include a parking lot, which will ease many problems from the current site. Right now, there’s not an easy way for fans to access the tennis courts. The additional parking will also create handicapped parking for football games and other stadium events, as well as bus parking.

The company Vasco has been contracted to complete the work. That is the same company that did both the high school and middle school turf projects. When they are done with construction, the internal maintenance staff will have the ability to install lighting.

The project is scheduled to begin this summer, with a target completion date of October. The girls’ tennis team, which has its season in the fall, will play on the existing courts during construction. When construction is complete, the old courts will be demolished and the area will become green space.

Additional projects

A few more projects will also be completed during the summer. The money for the construction has either already been allocated from the bond fund, or will come from the district’s permanent improvement fund.

At the Early Learning Preschool, a walkway will be added that connects to the high school student lot to allow for more preschool parking. The parking lot will also be repaired.

At Kinsner Elementary School, the pavers and concrete in the front entrance will be replaced with grass. At Muraski, playground equipment that was donated by the PTA will be installed. At Whitney, a drain line will be installed to alleviate water retention issues in the playground area.

At the middle school and administrative offices, the parking lots will be sealed to extend their lifespans.

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