Neighborhood Watch

Strongsville police

June 12 – A young male was reportedly walking around the area of Martins Lane and Elm Drive wearing a skeleton mask. Officers were unable to locate him.

June 12 – A Prospect Road caller reported that children were yelling and screaming, which was bothering the caller. An officer spoke with the homeowner. Adults and small children were outside enjoying a campfire and the kids were only making a small amount of noise when officers arrived. They said they were done for the night.

June 12 – A male called 911 from a Pearl Road restaurant and was swearing and making racial comments. The male was located and was advised not to call 911 unless he needs assistance.

June 12 – A caller reported that a male was possibly intoxicated and was lying on the lawn in front of a Pearl Road business and acting belligerent. An officer located the male, who said he was taking a nap in the shade. He went on his way.

June 12 – A caller near Wilmington Drive and Potomac Drive reported that five people were riding mini motorcycles in the area for an hour. An officer spoke with two juveniles who admitted to riding in the roadway and were advised not to do so again.

June 11 – A Wilma Drive caller reported that a neighbor was using a chainsaw before the noise ordinance allows. A construction company that was working in the area was advised.

June 11 – A male was advised on soliciting laws at the corner of Pearl and Royalton Road.

June 11 – A male was reportedly sleeping in the historic village property. The male said he was just passing through after getting off the bus an hour prior. He said he did not sleep there overnight. An officer checked the village and the houses were all secure.

June 11 – A truck in a Pearl Road parking lot was reportedly smoking. No flames were seen and there were no other vehicles around it. The owner of the truck used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire.

June 11 – A mail truck was reportedly hit by a landscaping truck on Drake Road. The landscaping truck left toward Pearl Road and was stopped by police.

June 11 – A caller reported that males behind the rec center appeared to be selling drugs. A female said she witnessed them exchange money and heard them talking about smoking.

June 11 – A female reported that she was out walking her dog and a female who lives on Bennington Drive got in her car and followed her around the neighborhood threatening her. An officer spoke to the subject, who believed the other female’s dog defecated in her yard. She was advised not to harass or follow people.

June 11 – A Park Lane Drive caller reported that six dirt bikes were riding in a nearby field. An officer saw a couple of mini bikes, but they left when the officer pulled up. The female on the scene said she was going to call every time they return.

June 11 – A Prospect Road caller said children were playing outside and screaming. He said he “measured the volume and it’s 60 decibels.” An officer spoke to a male and advised him of the complaint.

June 9 – A male was reportedly threatening another male in a Whitney Road parking lot. The subject was waving a large pipe at the complainant. An officer located the males and determined that there was a verbal confrontation between the two over a parking spot. One male saw that the other was holding a knife, so he picked up a level as protection. They were separated.

June 9 – A caller reported that he was following a male in a Pearl Road store who was concealing items and then ditched merchandise under a vehicle. The male was taken into custody. He had six warrants from multiple police departments.

June 9 – A male reportedly stole $3 from a Royalton Road restaurant’s tip jar.

June 9 – A Whitney Road resident reported that sometime after Christmas, someone went into the apartment’s storage area, cut the lock off her locker and stole her Christmas decorations.

June 8 – Females reportedly urinated on clothing and left it in a fitting room in a Southpark Center store.

June 8 – A male reported that someone stole his credit card and used it in Strongsville.

June 7 – A Bridle Trail caller reported that his vehicle was vandalized. The back window was completely shattered and the male said he just noticed it when he called police. There was no evidence to show that it was criminal. An officer checked the area and there was no damage to any other vehicles.

June 6 – A Prospect Road resident reported that a male was looking in her windows and did not knock on her door. She asked to have the area checked. She said he was standing in her driveway for a while before coming to the house and then walked south on Prospect. Officers spoke with others in the area, but no one saw anyone matching the description of the male.

June 6 – Two males were reportedly unconscious and suspected of overdosing in a vehicle on Bagley Road. Both males were found to be breathing and were able to be awakened. They were both cited.

June 6 – A male on Pearl Road was reportedly chasing geese into the street to get them off his property. An officer spoke to the man, who said he was chasing the geese away from the road, not toward it.

June 6 – Someone reportedly threw a glass through the window of a Royalton Road business. Two female subjects left in a vehicle, and were located in Olmsted Falls.

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