Neighborhood Watch

Strongsville Police

July 6 – A caller on Waterford Parkway reported that there was a boat in the pond. He couldn’t tell if it was tied up but was concerned that it was there. Officers located a small fiberglass rowboat in the water that was not tied up. The homeowners association president was contacted and said he would get the boat out of the water.

July 9 – A male was reportedly attempting to steal fragrances from a Southpark Center store. He was taken into custody outside the mall. He had two warrants for his arrest and was taken to the jail.

July 9 – A Mill Hollow Lane caller reported that people in a nearby house moved all of their things out but left two dogs behind. An officer went to the house and the dogs were in the fenced-in front yard. There was food and water for them. The officer left a message for the owners to contact the police department.

July 9 – A female was reportedly approached by a male on a bicycle on Pearl Road who asked her for money.

July 9 – A Potomac Drive caller reported that a juvenile male was riding a yellow moped on a walking path and nearly hit her and her dog. An officer checked the area, but there were no mopeds nearby.

July 9 – A Saratoga Trail caller reported that a male was stumbling around with no shoes on and an ankle bracelet. He started talking to her young son and made her uncomfortable. He was also allegedly looking in people’s backyards. An officer checked the area, but there was no one matching the description.

July 8 – A male was reportedly pinned by a lawn mower next to a Pearl Road building. The male was conscious and breathing and had no open wounds. He was transported to the hospital.

July 8 – A female reported that she set her phone down while she was paying at a Pearl Road gas station and then forgot it there. It was gone when she returned. Police checked the cameras and identified a male subject and his vehicle. The male was taken into custody.

July 8 – A Beechwood Lane resident reported that his 22-year-old son was going crazy and tearing up the house because he took the Internet out. The caller thought there might be drugs in the house. Officers responded and filed criminal damage charges.

July 8 – A female reportedly drove her car into her house on Blodgett Creek Trail. The female was able to get out of the vehicle, but it was leaking fluids. A tow truck was called.

July 8 – A male and female at a Pearl Road apartment were reportedly being threatened by another tenant. The male subject was saying that he was going to “kick their butt,” according to police. They said they were packing up to move to a new place. Temperaments were settled when police left.

July 8 – Two females were reportedly on the train tracks on Prospect Road. They said they were taking pictures for social media and they would stay off the tracks.

July 8 – A Jonathan Drive caller reported that people have been driving up and down the road, going over 40 mph. He was concerned about his children’s safety. The area was placed under special attention.

July 7 – A male driver was pulled over on Walnut Drive. He was warned for not using a turn signal and advised not to use his deceased grandmother’s handicapped placard.

July 7 – Officers located a male on a bicycle who had a warrant out of North Royalton. He was handed over to that department.

July 7 – A Shurmer Road caller stated that motorcycles and ATVs were driving up and down the road causing a disturbance. The caller claimed that the same people were shooting off fireworks earlier. An officer stayed in the area for a while, but the vehicles were gone.

July 7 – A male reported that he saw a woman walking in his yard on Albion Road. When he approached her, she stated she is Palestinian and lost. He offered her a ride home and she had him drop her off away from her house because she didn’t want to alert her husband. He was concerned about the situation and wanted officers to check the area for the woman.

July 7 – A caller was reportedly having a children’s party in a Royalton Road pavilion. She said she thought there was a dead skunk in the trash can there, but when people moved the can, the animal was actually alive. It was determined to be a raccoon and was released.

July 7 – A caller reported that a female was trying to pry open an ATM on Pearl Road. An officer located her. She said her card was stuck in the ATM. The machine checked OK.

July 7 – A caller reported that the American flag by a Pearl Road business was upside down. The pole was bent in front of the business and it caused the flag to be upside down. The flag was removed and placed in the police garage.

July 7 – An Echo Drive caller reported that someone broke glass beer bottles in the pool. They planned to look at the security cameras to get more information. The area was placed under special attention.

July 6 – A driver reportedly stopped their vehicle in the middle of the roadway on Valley Parkway and put their convertible top up. They were advised that it isn’t the best place to do that.

July 6 – A female was reportedly sitting in her vehicle with children at a Pearl Road gas station and a caller believed she was highly intoxicated. An officer located her. She had no signs of impairment. She said she was just overwhelmed.

July 6 – A Squirrel Hollow Lane resident reported that someone damaged their mailbox overnight. The next-door neighbor also had their mailbox knocked over, but it was fixed already. There were no tire tracks and it didn’t look like anyone hit it, just knocked it down.

July 6 – A vehicle was reportedly weaving left of center on Howe Road and almost hit a couple of cars. The vehicle was located on Drake Road. The owner of the vehicle was advised of the complaint. The driver showed no signs of impairment.

July 6 – A Fairwinds Drive caller reported that two dogs were tied up in a driveway with no food, water or shade. The owner of the dogs said they were out for 30 minutes and they had water. The owner took them inside.

North Royalton Police Department

July 5 – A neighbor called in a complaint of fireworks being discharged from the balcony of a Cove Drive residence around 6:02 p.m. The subject, John Surace, reportedly admitted to launching fireworks, saying, “I didn’t think it was that loud.” Surace was given a misdemeanor citation for discharging fireworks and given a date in North Royalton Mayor’s Court.

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