2020: Let’s require more than some talking point solutions

To the Editor:

Politicians continue to offer vote-seeking solutions without discussing underlying problems.

Are they relying on an educational system that focuses on what to think rather than how to develop critical thinking skills?

Are they resurrecting Johnny Carson’s role as “Carnac the Magnificent” when offering their litany of solutions?

Do answers like Medicare for all, free tuition, college debt forgiveness, reparations, open borders, etc. resolve any underlying issues?

They avoid specifically addressing why our health care costs are so much higher than those in other countries, what can be done to control college costs, whether schools should be required to share responsibility for enabling students assuming debt in programs offering little opportunity for repayment, the causes of the socio-economic disparity found in politically targeted groups, etc.

Many of us would also like to know how seniors can access the “no premium, no co-payment, no deductible, and no out-of-pocket” Medicare Bernie Sanders is promising to all.

How will any of their proposals eliminate underlying causes? Focusing on who pays the bill does not replace responsibility for establishing the size of the bill.

Are politicians pandering for votes from a population that no longer holds them responsible for keeping their promises?

Proposals failing to address the causes of the problems will never offer long-term solutions.

Has our educational system developed a population that no longer uses facts to objectively reach conclusions? When will we all begin to challenge media-endorsed issues and candidates that fail to deliver promised results? When will we understand that one definition of insanity is to do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result?

When will we all objectively analyze both the positive and negative things that occurred before and after Nov. 3, 2016, and require all politicians to do the same?

John Gottfried


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