When Mose Miller founded Alpine Structures in 1981, he wanted to grow his company into the area’s leading provider of storage buildings and accessory structures. Above all, he believed in establishing a solid foundation for Alpine Structures based on quality craftsmanship, individualized customer service and business integrity. Those principles still guide the direction of Alpine Structures today, only now, Mose’s son, Javan Miller, heads up the family-owned and operated company after it changed hands to its second-generation owner New Year’s Day 2012.

Based out of Holmes County on state Route 62, about 1.5 miles west of Winesburg, Alpine Structures has grown over the last 30-plus years.

“When my dad started the company, he had just a handful of employees and himself. Today, we have 25 employees and our service area covers all of Ohio and parts of neighboring states,” Javan said.

While the company has grown, it remains rooted in the values that built the initial foundation.

“We believe in providing an honest service from start to finish. Our customers can expect to receive a quality, Amish-built structure that will last for many years to come,” Javan said.

Overall, customers can expect Alpine Structures to provide long-lasting, quality-built storage buildings while providing excellent customer service along the way.

Customizable buildings

to meet your needs

From a small garden shed, to a cottage and a large barn, Alpine Structures offers 12 different building styles and each comes in several sizes, which means customers are sure to find the right building, in the right style, in the right size.

“Our 12 styles are just the base of our customers’ buildings. From there, customers, with help from our staff, choose the right size and begin to customize the building,” Javan said.

After choosing a style and size, customers begin selecting the building’s features, including windows, doors, paint or siding, roofing materials and other building accessories.

“Customers have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the design of the buildings. Even though there are 12 basic styles, the choices really make each build a custom design,” Javan said.

Buildings are sheathed with OSB and come standard with Smartside Siding, which can be painted and Certainteed three-tab singles. Customers can upgrade to other siding and shingle options or add windows, doors and other accessories.

On top of the 12 styles, Alpine Structures also works with customers to create custom buildings.

From the time an order is placed, it typically takes about three to four weeks until a building is delivered to the site – either already constructed or to be built on-site by an experienced two-man building team.

“Whether we can deliver a pre-built structure depends on the location of the building site and the size of the building, as well as the access to the building site,” Javan said.

If a building needs to be constructed on-site, Javan said that it usually takes the building team anywhere from a few hours to a day, depending on the size of the structure and whether any site work needs to be done.

“We do a lot of preliminary work here at our workshop, so the on-site construction can move along quickly. Also, we’ve began offering a variety of foundation options,” Javan said.

All in all, an Alpine Structures building will be designed to meet the needs of each customer and will be constructed in the Amish tradition of quality.

Standing behind the product

Alpine Structures stands behind its products from start to finish and years afterward.

The company offers a 5-year limited warranty on every building.

“Our warranty covers any issue in workmanship. We’ve been here for 31 years and if there is an issue, we’re going to be here and take care of it,” Javan said.

On top of the company’s warranty, there are also several manufacturers’ limited warranties for several siding and roofing products.

In addition, Alpine Structures strives to keep customers satisfied beyond the sale or the delivery and construction of a building – the company is happy to help customers with any questions or concerns.

Experienced staff, helpful Web site

As mentioned previously, Alpine Structures began with just a handful of employees. Today, 25 qualified, experienced and friendly staff members help to keep the company running and customers happy.

Experienced Amish craftsman construct each building in the company’s workshop. Two-man teams then construct buildings on site, or an experienced delivery driver places the pre-built structures on their sites.

The sales staff is available at any time to speak with customers in the showroom, which also includes an outdoor sales lot that features a wide selection of buildings for customers to tour and walk through. The showroom is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. No appointment is necessary.

In addition to the Winesburg showroom and sales lot, Alpine Structures can help put customers in contact with dealers located close to home.

While the sales staff is happy to help customers in person or over the phone, customers can also learn a lot about Alpine Structures and its products by visiting the company’s newly launched Web site, www.alpinestructures.net. The Web site includes information on the 12 building styles and sizes, as well as photos.

Upcoming anniversary sale

Alpine Structures will celebrate its 31st anniversary Sept. 28-29 with a two-day Anniversary Sale. Customers are invited to stop by the Winesburg showroom during the sale, which will feature Anniversary Sale discounts and refreshments.

In addition, Alpine Structures offers monthly specials, which are posted online.

For more information, visit Alpine Structures online, where you can also request a free quote, or call 800-359-7522.

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