Hello Wadsworth. Has everyone started putting up their holiday decorations yet?

For this week’s installment of Street Talk, I asked people if they preferred real or artificial Christmas trees and the majority said they would prefer real.

While I see the pros and cons of both, I have to say I agree that real trees are my favorite. Artificial trees certainly have their benefits. They don’t create a big mess with pine needles going all over the place and you don’t have to water them. Also, the eco-friendly part of me feels better about sparing a real tree.

But going to the lot and picking out the perfect tree each year with my dad was always one of my favorite holiday memories.

From what I’ve been told, my mom went with my dad to pick out the tree the first year they were married and swore she would never go again.

Ever the perfectionist, my dad would walk around in the freezing cold and examine every single tree in the lot – sometimes twice – before deciding which one was worthy of gracing our living room for the holiday season.

As a kid, I found this outing rather exciting. I remember being especially proud when I was big and strong enough to reach for a tree that was leaning against one of the fences, stand it up straight and say “Hey Dad, what do you think of this one?”

I think that some of the guys who worked at the lot were not all that amused by us. One year, when we were there close to closing time, a couple of them would run around the lot finding their best trees to present to us, hoping we would make a final decision and leave.

If I’m not mistaken, I went Christmas tree shopping with my dad every single year until I moved out and it will always be a memory I treasure.

I hope all of you have a great time making holiday memories this season, too.

Now, let’s take a look around town.

25 Days of Christmas

Participants are already receiving prizes galore as part of the Wadsworth Older Adults Foundation 25 Days of Christmas Basket Raffle.

Tom Stugmyer drew the name for the first basket Nov. 26 and there will be drawings at the Soprema Senior Center every business day through Dec. 14.

Each basket is worth at least $600 and the final basket which will be drawn Dec. 14 is valued at $3,000.

If you want a shot at winning one of these baskets make sure to purchase a ticket at the Soprema Senior Center.

Raffle proceeds will benefit the programs and services at the senior center.

Photos with Santa

When I was a kid, getting my picture taken with Santa was one of those obligations I dreaded.

I never tried to talk my parents out of this annual photo shoot. This guy was responsible for bringing me presents, after all, and it seemed like a bad idea to snub him. Still, I remember always feeling very awkward. What do you even say to a man who lives at the North Pole and drives a sleigh led by flying reindeer? Still, each year I would manage a few minutes of small talk and would smile for the picture. I imagine somewhere at my parent’s house there is a myriad of awkward photos of me with Old St. Nick.

Do you have some photos like that too? If so, enter The Post’s Photos with Santa contest, and you could win a brand new Nintendo Switch bundled with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

Submit your best photo with Santa by Sunday, Dec. 16 at thepostnewspapers.com/santaphotos – whether it was taken last week or decades ago, turned out wonderfully or is a bit of a teary-eyed (but hilarious) disaster. Be sure to have your friends and family look for your photo, and readers can vote for their favorites through Dec. 26 at 9 a.m. at that website.

We will make a list of the winners for each edition of The Post, check it twice, and announce the winning photos Dec. 29. Runners-up from each edition of The Post will receive a $50 gift card for Scene 75.

Shop local

Have you been saving all of your receipts for the shop local initiative “Come Home for the Holidays?” If so and if you turned those receipts in for raffle tickets earlier this week, today is the day to stop by CIS to try to win some really great prizes.

Doors open at 9 a.m. and Mayor Robin Laubaugh will begin drawing tickets at 10 a.m.

I hope to see you there and good luck to everyone.

Contact me

As always, I look forward to hearing from you and I’m always happy to put submissions from readers in this column. Feel free to e-mail me at edean@thepostnewspapers.com or call me at 330-620-1067 to fill me in on an event your organization hosted, an accomplishment by a special person in the city or anything else you think our readers might want to know about.

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