Merry go round

The Blue Tip Festival might be all fun and games in the summer, but it means donations for dozens of local nonprofits in the fall. 

WADSWORTH – Each year a committee of not much more than a dozen people throw themselves into planning, volunteer long hours and sacrifice their Father’s Day to make sure the annual Blue Tip Festival goes off without a hitch.

“Instead of telling you what we do, I want to talk about why we do it,” said Tom Morris, treasurer of the Blue Tip Festival Committee. “That’s the question we ask ourselves each year. Why do we use up all of our vacation time to watch other people have fun? Why do we respond to complaints on Facebook?”

This question is answered very clearly each November when the committee hands out donations to dozens of nonprofit organizations throughout Wadsworth.

“This is the highlight of our year,” Morris said during the donation ceremony last month at The Strand. “This is when we reap the fruits and pass them on to worthy charities in our community.”

The 2018 Blue Tip Festival was clearly a success as the committee handed out more than $35,000 in donations that night.

“This is our record year,” Morris said. “When I started, it was about $8,000 that we gave out. We constantly grow because of the support from Wadsworth and because of the work the committee puts in.”

Donations ranging from $150 to $4,000 were distributed to dozens of local nonprofits including the Wadsworth Farmer’s Market, the Wadsworth YMCA, Marian’s Closet and Main Street Wadsworth.

Morris noted that if one listens to the story of each of these nonprofit groups, one will notice a common theme.

“It’s all about helping people who need it the most,” Morris said. “Helping the children or the elderly or the disenfranchised. It’s all about giving back to the community.”

While the hours can be long when planning Wadsworth’s favorite festival, Morris said the satisfaction of giving back to the community makes it all worth it.

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