WADSWORTH – Anyone with an opinion for or against arming teachers will have the chance to let their voice be heard on one of the city’s public access stations.

WCTV will air a live call-in show Feb. 6 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. The topic will be “Armed Educators – Pass or Fail?”

“It gives callers an opportunity to call in to provide justification for their opinion,” said Roger Polk, who will serve as host and moderator of the show.

Polk has hosted several “Voice of the Voter” live call-in shows in the past.

“We usually do those right before a big election and get a lot of response,” he said.

Polk, who teaches a basic pistol course regularly in Wadsworth, said he realizes that this issue is a hot topic right now and thought the show would be a good opportunity for some discussion on the subject. A phone number will be posted on the screen during the show for people to call.

“We are hoping a lot of people will call in and voice their opinions on the subject,” said Johanna Perrino, WCTV’s operations and community relations coordinator. “They can also e-mail us questions or opinions prior to the program and we will read them on the air. E-mail is wctv@wadsworthcity.org, or they can post on our Facebook page.”

Polk asks that callers stay specifically on the topic of arming educators.

“This is about that specifically, not gun control,” he said. “We will do a show about that another time.”

Polk said he expects to discuss with callers what regulations they think should be in place if teachers in a certain district are permitted to have guns in school. He said that Jim Irvine, chairman of Buckeye Firearms Association, will likely call into the show at some point to talk about the class his organization is offering to teachers and about state law as it pertains to guns in schools.

Callers’ only opportunity to voice their opinion will be during the live recording, but Polk added that the show will air on WCTV multiple times.

“The show will also be posted on my.pegcentral.com for anyone who wants to see it,” he said.

Polk said Jan. 24 that he has already been working with WCTV to prepare for the show.

“The staff at WCTV is really great to work with,” Polk said. “I have been working with them doing shows since 1999. I always said I would stop when it stopped being fun, but it is still a blast.”

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