Sidewalk needlessly carving up Wadsworth neighborhood

To the Editor:

The stakes went in today for the new planned sidewalk on Stratford Avenue. Instead of moving the mailboxes or putting it on the opposite side of the street, the sidewalk seems to have made its path about halfway into our yard. Having driven down the street on unrelated matters, it’s clear fences will have to be removed, multiple trees demolished, and the beauty of a street desecrated all for the pleasure of a sidewalk to nowhere for no one.

If your concerns are with the children of this neighborhood, then they are misplaced. Not to mention, there are like four kids. They walk in our yard anyway and grass is good for their bones. I grew up in this neighborhood, walking to school every day. I walk my dog every day (most days – I’m not perfect), and have never once wanted to walk through someone’s yard, and I’ve only almost been hit by traffic three times. That’s a near miss percentage better than Clevinger’s ERA.

This is all not to say that sidewalks aren’t an important part of the growing economy of Wadsworth. One day we might be fortunate enough to see sidewalks covering the town as we drive past them in our cars, unwalked and glistening in their eternal beige delight. Perhaps one is just not needed a third of the way into my yard, killing a very old and beautiful pine tree. As I type this, outside my window a mother and her children are walking a dog and serpentining through the middle of the street on their bikes. Don’t worry: they have helmets, and though no sidewalk yet exists they seem to be perfectly safe.

Nick Englehart


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