Is Adam Friedrick proud to thwart Democracy?

To the Editor:

In the Jan. 5 edition of The Post, we learned that Adam Friedrick, in stepping down from his elected position as County Commissioner, specifically notes his “rewarding experience” of “warding off a series of county charter proposals by the grassroots group Sustainable Medina County.”

Friedrick, whose private sector job at Beckett gas the last 14 years suggests a conflict of interest, does not think that residents have the right to decide what they want for the community where they live? After three efforts (utilizing 100 percent local volunteers), and over 17,000 signatures from local citizens who wanted to vote on this issue, Adam Friedrick is proud to say that he helped keep the county charter initiative off the ballot.

Since Friedrick considers this a personal achievement of his own, just what did he do in his position as Medina County Commissioner to prevent this ballot initiative? Denying the people their constitutional right to propose a county charter by initiative? Does he really think the residents of Medina County should not be trusted with the right to vote? This is tantamount to declaring: “My goal as an elected official is to thwart the will of the people.” How shameful, how un-American!

Adam Friedrick is proud to thwart Democracy? Quite a legacy!

Kathie Jones, Lynn Kemp, Mary Emhoff, Jerry Dolcini, Pauline Chapman and Kathy Kinstler

Wadsworth, Medina, Hinckley

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