The city of North Royalton has lowered its deer hunting permit fee from $150 to $75 after careful consideration.

NORTH ROYALTON – City Council has been debating the last few months whether to lower the deer hunting permit fee. Currently, there is a registration fee of $150, as well as the cost of obtaining an archery proficiency certification.

In addition, the homeowner must carry an insurance policy indicating personal liability insurance coverage of at least $100,000.

Resident Edward Baznik addressed the Feb. 18 Safety Committee expressed support lowering the fee for hunters to pay. The city’s current fee is $150. In addition to lessening the burden on the hunters like himself, he said “it will coincide with other nearby communities that have lower fees for deer hunting that have a no fee permit or $35 for residents to hunt.” Neighboring communities charge for their deer hunting permit fees $35 Strongsville, $55 (non-residents) $28 (residents) Seven Hills, $0 Independence, $100 Broadview Heights and $150 Parma.

According to Police Chief Bilinovich, the deer hunting in the city had gone from 193 total deer harvested in 2017, 144 in 2018 and 122 in 2019. Then this past year there were issued 85 permits, 2018 there were 83 issued and 2017 the city issued 91.

The permits have gone down slightly as well has deer taken the last few years, which has made city officials take notice. Safety Committee Vice Chair Councilman Michael Wos noted that before the hunting program started, the deer vs. car crashes were over 200. Last year, the amount was down to 57.

Safety Committee Chair Councilman Dan Langshaw said, “It is necessary to have legislation to ensure that this program continues to be successful by being more affordable for residents who are providing a public service. While at the same time continuing to reduce deer vs. motor vehicle crashes to keep the rest of our community safe.”

After some debate, Councilmen Langshaw, Jeremy Dietrich and Michael Wos introduced legislation to lower the city’s deer hunting fee from $150 to $75 and was unanimously approved at the March 3 council meeting.

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