NORTH ROYALTON – A familiar face is working to be the best makeup artist in the world.

Many may remember Carrie Esser, 22.

Last year, this self-taught makeup artist and body painter competed in the NYX Face Awards, a nationwide beauty blogger competition, and the sponsor, NYX Professional Makeup, chose her as a member of the Top 30. There was $50,000 up for grabs and bragging rights as NYX Professional Makeup’s Artist of the Year. Esser ended up making it to Top 12, with the community’s help.

This time she’s hoping to not only win it all nationally, but globally.

The Top 30 will be narrowed to the Top 15, then the Top 5 and then the winner will compete with other global winners for a global title and campaign with NYX Professional Makeup.

The community can help her win it all.

Voting for the Top 15 is July 29 through Aug. 1, and people can cast three votes for her throughout that time frame at The Top 15 will be announced Aug. 2.

The theme for this challenge is #nowtrending, which can be interpreted various ways.

“I could see people doing Area 51, the ‘Cats’ musical, a play off ‘Stranger Things’ or the Faceapp,” Esser said. “One of my friends told me Mercury is retrograde right now, and it usually lasts about three week. Mercury is the planet for communication, technology and travel, so when it’s in retrograde, people believe it affects those areas.”

Esser is a self-taught artist who enjoys turning people into living art.

She graduated North Royalton High School in 2015 and Kent State University last year, where she majored in entrepreneurship. Now she is pursing a makeup career here in North Royalton, where it all began.

Esser has always been into painting and drawing, but she took makeup to the next level as a teen. For Halloween in 2013, she transformed half her face into a sugar skull and wore it to school, where it was a big hit. She began entering competitions online and continued learning.

Later in one of her high school classes, she was assigned to create a fake business or product, and that’s when Makeup Madhouse was born.

Her talent and national efforts have caught attention here in North Royalton and beyond.

Her Instagram account @Makeupmadhouse now has nearly 14,000 followers and her YouTube channel has 1,200 subscribers.

Landing in the Top 30 a second time in a row was something she never expected.

“I entered it this year for fun, so when they called, I was shocked and excited. Obviously the whole point is to do makeup and I love makeup, but I am grateful for another opportunity to compete in the competition again, so I am super excited,” she said.

Having her hometown’s backing means everything to her.

“I greatly appreciate any and all support I can get. I started doing this in this community, and I have had so much support already,” she said. “It means a lot to me that I have an amazing group around me to help me move up in my career and get to do things like this.”

Carrie Esser’s website is To cast votes for her, visit and look for Makeup Madhouse.

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