NORTH ROYALTON – Three familiar faces are seeking the Ward 3 seat.

School Board Member Dan Langshaw, former state and U.S. politician Ronald M. Mottl and CERT Member George Sadallah, who was heavily active in the city’s sports programs, have all submitted resumes.

They will be interviewed one by one beginning at 6 p.m. March 25 by council, and one will be selected as the new Ward 3 councilman and announced at a special meeting at 6 p.m. March 28.

Ward 3 Councilman Don Willey died March 1 after suffering from lung cancer. His term was to expire in November, so the candidate that is selected will finish out that term, and there will be an election for the seat come November.

Langshaw, 27, announced back in early February his intentions to run in Ward 3. He has been attending council meetings regularly for more than a year gaining insight and prepping for the position. Last year, he even spent time with Willey touring the ward getting familiar with any issues and concerns there.

“Whether it be council, caucus or committee meetings, I have been attending them for an entire year, gaining a better understanding of issues in the ward and how the city operates. I have met with various department heads and officials to gain a better understanding of how the city operates. I was the only one that declared I was going to run, and I was the only one that prepared,” he said. “You can’t jump into this. I was blessed to have the opportunity to tour the ward with Don and gain a better understanding of the ward. You have to do your homework and I have.”

Experience serving on the school board and his prep work on council make him the prime candidate for the seat, in his opinion.

“I’m very passionate about being a public servant, being a part of the positive momentum happening in North Royalton. My energy, experience and dedication to my hometown and desire to serve residents of Ward 3 are why I wanted to run for this seat. Residents need a positive voice, and I want to be that voice,” he said.

Mottl, 79, is by no means new to politics.

It’s a healthy resume, but it doesn’t stop there. Mottl is also credited as the father of the Ohio Lottery.

He lived in Parma 42 years and has lived in North Royalton the past 20 years.

Willey was a neighbor.

“He was a great guy, a good friend,” Mottl said. “I thought maybe I could use my experience to help the city of North Royalton.”

Mottl said he is up to speed on some of the capital improvement projects and current affairs going on in Royalton.

Being a senior citizen, senior issues are near and dear to him.

“I’m a senior citizen. I want to especially help seniors. I would also like to see if we can get as many grants from Columbus and Washington to help in getting additional funds for the city without adding taxes,” Mottl said.

Mottl said he likely will not run for the seat come November.

Sadallah, 59, has been active with the city’s Community Emergency Response Team and is an insurance agent for Nationwide Insurance in Strongsville. His involvement with CERT has introduced him to city hall and city officials. He knows most of the current councilmen and also knew Willey.

He is a political newcomer, however, he did serve on his homeowners’ association board from 2002 to 2011. He has lived in North Royalton since 2001, and he and his daughters have been involved in sports programs in the community.

“I enjoy serving the community. It’s such a great community and has given so much to me and my family. I just feel I need to give back what I’ve gotten. Applying for this position is just another way of putting back into the community what I’ve taken out,” Sadallah said.

He said if granted the appointment, he would run for the seat in November. If he doesn’t receive the appointment, he said he probably would not run.

Council spent the past week reviewing the resumes before the upcoming interviews.

“On March 28, we will have a special council meeting to vote on the appointment at 6 p.m.,” said Council President Larry Antoskiewicz.

The interviews will be open to the public; however, audience members will not have an opportunity to ask candidates questions. Interviewing will be left strictly to councilmen.

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