NORTH ROYALTON – After hitting a few snags, crews have decided to continue working on Phase 1 of the Cedar Estates Storm Sewer Project into the winter rather than breaking as originally planned.

Right now, the contractor, Fabrizi Trucking and Paving Co., is completing a storm sewer on Applewood Drive. Once that wraps up, crews will move to Cedarwood Drive and finish there. These are the last two major portions of the storm sewer project that remain undone.

“They have a couple other side streets, little portions, nothing big,” said City Engineer Mark Schmitzer. “The main portion will be done once they finish up Cedarwood.”

Portions of the concrete roadway that had to be cut through were also being replaced the week of Dec. 15. Driveway aprons are also being restored currently.

Per the contract, the project doesn’t have to be finished until sometime next year. It was originally to suspend over the winter but some issues did arise. Utilities were not located exactly where they were originally marked, and a portion of a water main had to be relocated at the west end of Applewood, which cost a few days.

The contractor, Schmitzer explained, decided to work over the winter to get more work done due to some of these unforeseen hurdles.

“There were more obstacles to get the sewer in than anticipated. They will continue to work until they get the sewer done,” he said. “It’s cheaper to have them finish up then to try and maintain those driveways all winter long.”

Winter construction does pose some limitations, however, Fabrizi met with city officials and assured them it will do everything to adhere to cold weather conditions.

“They will pour the concrete aprons and if in the spring they see something wrong with the driveway aprons, then they will come back at no charge and replace them, but it should be fine,” Schmitzer said. “Once the project is completed, we have a three-year guarantee on all the work too.”

Phase 1 is being done to replace and upsize portions of the undersized main storm sewer system in the northern portion of that development.

As far as Phase 2, the city is still working with the Army Corps of Engineers and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to meet the requirements set forth and plan options there. This phase includes the construction of a regional basin on city-owned property west of York Road and north of Tilby Road.

Council President Larry Antoskiewicz said he has full confidence in the contractor and agrees that working in the winter to finish is more feasible than maintaining driveways throughout the winter.

“We all know how important a project is. It sounds like a more viable solution then trying to maintain those driveways when the snow eventually will hit,” he said. “They’ll try to get the bulk of the work done, and then concentrate on bringing the neighborhood up to its original state come spring.”

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