Chippewa Creek Headwater Park rendering

This rendering shows where the trail and pavilion will be installed adjacent to the YMCA’s eastern most parking lot and where the wetlands lie.

NORTH ROYALTON – The city has awarded the wetland trail project, planned for the city-owned property between the library and the YMCA, to a contractor and hopes to have construction completed this year.

The Chippewa Creek Headwater wetlands park project was bid out at the end of May with the bid opening June 9. The engineer’s estimate for the project was $178,542.

Four contractors bid on the park: Cavanaugh Building Corp. at $185,746; F. Buddie Contracting, LTD. at $189,733; R.J. Platten Contracting, Co. at $215,378 and Roma Designs, LLC. at $159,431. All bids include a 10 percent contingency.

After an extensive review of the bids and qualifications, Behnke Landscape Architecture, the firm the city hired to work on the design, recommended Cavanaugh, the second lowest bidder, despite Roma being the lowest. Roma was not selected because there were technical and financial issues with their bid form, officials said.

Funding in the amount of $200,000 was awarded from the state of Ohio through a capital appropriations request to cover the cost of this project.

This wetland park is being constructed on the 12 acres of city-owned property the library overlooks to the south and the YMCA sits adjacent to. This area is the headlands of the Chippewa Creek Watershed, which eventually empties into the Cuyahoga River. The majority of this acreage is comprised of wetlands.

A 770-square-foot pavilion, or shelter, complete with interpretive materials and a 10-foot wide asphalt trail spanning 480 linear feet has been proposed for the park. The trail and pavilion will be constructed on the non-wetland portion of the property overlooking the wetland preserve.

The trail will feature informational, interpretive stations along the path explaining this particular wetland site and its significance. The interpretive center, or pavilion, will educate the public about wetland preservation.

Both the library and YMCA have expressed intent in incorporating the trail into their programmings. An easement was required for this project from the library which the library granted.

Construction is expected to start and finish before year’s end.

Mayor Bob Stefanik said this trail will complete the vision the administration had in mind for this property when it was originally purchased.

“That was the first thought when we purchased all that property, that we preserve the wetlands from development and even put a small park in that area. And we were persistent in applying for outside funding,” he said. “Even though we were unsuccessful a couple of times, we kept improving our application and here we are.”

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