North Royalton Senior Center

The city announced July 24 it will be partnering with University Hospitals’ Center for Lifelong Health to manage the senior center, providing a UH-trained director to run the center at no cost to the city.

NORTH ROYALTON – Effective immediately, the city announced it will partner with University Hospitals to manage the senior center with the goal of enhancing seniors’ health and wellness.

The senior center was created in 1978 to provide a place for seniors to not only meet and socialize but to obtain vital programming such as health screenings, computer classes, informational meetings and exercise.

UH’s goal, through its Center for Lifelong Health, is to take that strong foundation and expand upon it with educational events, caregiver seminars, walking clubs and other programming. Also through this partnership, it will be providing the senior center with a UH-trained director.

Cyndie Bender, director of UH’s Center for Lifelong Health, said UH is pleased to be entering this new venture with the city.

“Senior center programming has traditionally focused on greater independence, lasting friendships and new skills. UH’s innovative new model includes all of this along with wellness and education programs backed by the expertise of the UH system. UH can provide a tremendous community benefit for the citizens of North Royalton, keeping what is working while expanding available activities to benefit the whole adult,” she said.

Mayor Bob Stefanik said this partnership, which is at no cost to the city, is a great opportunity.

“This is an opportunity for us to deliver an elevated level of services to our senior citizen community,” he said. “Utilizing the extensive UH network will enable us to provide our residents with expanded services.”

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UH is doing this to direct seniors to their hospitals, period end of story. The seniors would be better served by having an impartial director not someone serving UH.

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