NORTH ROYALTON – Ward 3 residents were treated to a picnic in their honor over Labor Day weekend.

Ward 3 Councilman Dan Langshaw hosted his fiifth such event Sept. 2 at Memorial Park as a way to foster fellowship among neighbors and visit with residents.

Fire Truck Pizza Company served up their crowd favorites and the North Royalton Fire Department brought one of their new trucks up for residents to peruse.

Langshaw also encouraged everyone who attended to make a donation to the John Owen’s Adventure Inc. nonprofit, founded by the Dumm Family, which works to raise awareness and dollars to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The event collected $345.

Jen and Mike Beck appreciated the picnic, which they said is a great way to meet neighbors they might otherwise never have the chance to.

“It’s something we try to do to get out and mingle with our neighbors because everyone gets busy with their lives. It’s nice to get out and see who lives not just left and right of you but two or three streets away and get to know them,” Mike said.

Langshaw said this is the picnic’s very intent.

“The weather for sure did not ruin the spirit of that. This event is about spending time, a fun time, with neighbors while helping a good cause at the same time,” he said.

John Owen, his two brothers and parents Jen and Tony attended the picnic and were grateful for the outpouring of support from residents and Langshaw.

“We are deeply touched by those in our community that continue to give to help us derail Duchenne,” Jen Dumm said.

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